10 Beautiful International Tourist Destinations That Offers Visa On Arrival To Indians


Whenever you plan to travel abroad, the biggest concern on your mind will always be getting visa for the destination. No matter how much you prepare yourself for the interview of procuring visa, there is always a chance of your visa being rejected. Hence, as a solution to this problem of yours, we bring to you a list of countries that offer Indian visa on arrival.
Nowadays more and more destinations are being made accessible to tourists than they were before and the procedure to obtain visa at most of the locations is made very smooth.

El Salvador

1. El Salvador
The Central American country, known for its national parks, coffee plantations and volcanoes, offers a $10 tourist card, which is valid for 3 months and also ensures entry in Guatemala and Honduras.


2. Maldives
This 80 islands consisting country has developed solely on the tourism income of the nation. This country offers 30 days visa to Indians on arrival, all they ask for is a returning ticket.


3. Haiti
The country which is still struggling to come over the recent tragedies and trying to re-built itself offers a 90 days free visa to Indians. Just make sure you have a valid passport and a return ticket.


4. Mauritius
The delightful country known for its peaceful environment and relaxing weather. Visa for this country is free for Indians for 90 days if they have a return ticket.


5. Indonesia
The island known for its beautiful blue beaches and street food along with some historic Hindu temples is a delight to visit. Indonesia offers visa on arrival to Indians for a nominal fees of $ 25-35 and all they need is a return ticket.


6. Jamaica
The beautiful land of Bob Marley, a dream come true, a tropical fantasy all these words are very few in order to determine the beauty of Jamaica. An Indian doesn’t require any visa to visit Jamaica for a stay up-to 14 days but a return ticket is a must.


7. Jordan
The home to one of the wonders of the world and a UNESCO World Heritage site makes this country one of the must visit destination on our bucket list. If Indians visit Jordan, than they can get a 2 weeks visa for a fees of JOD 40, if they have a return ticket. But if in case you enter along the red sea through Aqaba, then a free visa is granted for a period of one month.



8. Kenya
This African nation which offers such vast variety of flora and fauna has a hurricane of emotions saved for you. The place where people go to conquer their fears, offers e Visa service for Indians.


9. Bhutan
The land of Thunder Dragon, with its stunning landscapes, Bhutan is the mother of all destinations. Indian nationals don’t need any visa to enter Bhutan, all they need is an identification proof or a passport.

Hong Kong

10. Hong Kong
The country known for its exceptional structures and skyscrapers, which also holds a chunk of natural beauty in itself. Hong Kong offers free visa to Indians for up-to 14 days if you posses a return ticket.
This is it for now, we will keep on bringing you interesting information like this on regular basis, so stay tuned.

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