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168 hours

The Malayalam movies are one of the biggest movies going on the way to the most amazing movies producing industry. The movie 168 Hours is one of the latest movie in the latest Malayalam film which is scheduled to hit the silver screens this week on 5th August 2016. The movie is basically an Horror movie with quite a unique story line which will surely rock the box office in the coming days after he release.

168 hours

The Movie is directed and is being written by K. G Vijay Kumar who has also given so many super-hit horror movies. The film is all about two person and a astrologer priest who has predicted about what will going to happen in the future of a guy and girl who are in love with each other. As per his prediction if they both get married then they will  die in the next just 168 Hours.

They didn’t believe on that prediction and by ignoring the prediction of the priest they get married to each-other and start living in their friends resort. Then after that many incidents starts to took place which terrifies and shocks them, this is where the story starts to took place and then the suspense start. The story of the film is quite amazing and attractive. The film is produced and the director of the film is same K. G Vijay Kumar under the banner of Siddhi- Vinayaka Films.

The cinematography of the film is one of the key part of the film as it is basically done by Santhosh Sreeragam and editing is being done by Linto Thomas. The leading star-cast of the movie is having Anju Priya, Mouth Mohith , Neena Kurup, Rajeev Rangan and Seema G. Nair. J P Karuvatta, Varghese Muyalan, Rajeev Rangan, Madhu, Baiju and Razak Paradise are also playing a very vital roles of the film to make it to the ashore.

The Trailer of the film was first released three months ago and got a very huge response specially from the horror genre  movie lovers. The film has shown so many extra ordinary and spine chilling shots in the trailer of the film. The makers are expecting a lot from the film but as per the response of the audience the film will might be facing some problems.

The movie 168 Hours has a very tough competition as there are many movies which are going to hit the box office screens on the same date which will for sure effect the occupancy rate of the film. The Movie is going to launch over 1200 screens in the South India. The movie is quite a very small in budget, but who knows that this small budgeted movie might do something on the box office which big and expensive aren’t able to do. The movie which has to compete with some most awaited films like Vismayam. The film is made in a small budget of 16 Cr. Here is the official trailer of the film 168 Hours is given below. The movies are going great and all the movies are expecting quite good response from the audience.

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