20,000 Bees Chase a Car To Rescue Their Queen

PIC BY TOM MOSES/MERCURY PRESS (PICTURED: THE BEES TAKEN UP RESIDENCE ON A 4X4 CAR PARKED IN A CAR PARK IN HAVERFORDWEST, SOUTH WEST WALES) A ëlostí swarm of bees sparked chaos in a high street when their queen got stuck in a car boot ñ resulting in 20,000 bees chasing the 4x4 for TWO DAYS. Dad-of-one Tom Moses, 41, spotted the unusual sight while driving through Haverfordwest, south west Wales, around 5pm on Sunday evening and decided to stop to help out. However it took a procession of FIVE different beekeepers, park rangers and passers-by to coax them off into a cardboard box, only for the wind to blow it off the car and the queen go back to the boot. Roger Burns of Pembrokeshire Beekeepers then says the carís owner returned and drove away with the queen unknowingly trapped in the back, resulting in the swarm taking up the chase the next day. SEE MERCURY COPY

It was an ultimate nightmare for Carol Howarth aged 65, as a swarm of bees chased her car for more than twenty-four hours.The incredible ordeal happened when she was returning home from a nature reserve. They chased the car because their queen got trapped in the boot of the vehicle.

More than 20,000 bees attacked her Outlander, and they covered entire back portion of the vehicle. Five beekeepers along with park wardens and passers worked for unending hours to capture the swarm in a cardboard so that they can be transported safely. At this time, Carol Howarth was busy shopping in a nearby mall.
Soon after this was achieved, the unexpected wind blew away the lid, and all the flies escaped except the queen who got lodged again in the car’s rear compartment.
Once she started the vehicle again, the swarm again started chasing the car.
According to Roger Burns, from Pembrokeshire Beekeepers Association, the queen might have found something attractive inside the car, and this might have compelled her to get into the boot’s viper blade. He believes that the point of attraction will be something which is so sweet in nature.
Roger told that this is his first experience in a lifetime, as he has never seen a swarm of bees chasing a vehicle for more than two days. He added that this showed the ultimate loyalty of these insects towards its trapped matriarch. He made it clear that the second day also the bees were seen following the car until their queen bee was set free.
Stories about bees loyalty towards their queen are very popular, and they have shown the same in real life too.

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