24 Season 2 TV Series Of Anil Kapoor: 21st August 2016 Full Coverage, Written Episode Updates

24 Season 2

The show starts and we see officer slaps him and asks him forcibly that where is jai, Haroon and Roshan but he doesn’t speak. They tortures him then he gets a call and Siddarth asks him to pick it up on speaks. He picks and Harroon asks him why he didn’t reply and also asks that ATU knew about their plan?

He says not yet and ends the call. Mr. Khosla meets Naina and tells her that Devyani was arrested in 17 years of age as she found with cocaine and then sent to jail but later her father cleaned all police records by money and sent her to London for studies. She says that it’s good you found all details and does dean know about her and he says no. There Mihir asks Zara for a coffee and she says no rudely and vedant comes and asks about gyan. Mihir says siddarth is interrogating gyan and he calls shivani and asks her to come here fast as everything went wrong here.

24 Season 2

Haroon hugs roshan and asks jai why he tied roshan’s hands. Jai says that otherwise it would be tough to get him alive. Haroon says to Roshan slowly to not to do anger they will kill Jai after they succeed and they leave taking Jai along. There shivani comes and asks siddarth to give 10 minutes to her to talk to gyan as he cant be an spy. He gets angry on her and gives 5 mins finaaly, she thanks him and takes vedant with her. Raj and veer comes to kiran’s house and calls kiran, sarah attends call and asks him to save her, they rush to her and calls ambulance for her, veer takes kiran’s phone saying where the hell are you kiran.

Siddarth tells zakaria about gyana and she says that hope she didn’t do any mistake in recommending siddarth removing shivani from this case. Siddharth goes to gyan and asks a man to bring injection for gyan as it will give him pain but shivani says he is hurrying. Jai sends some signal to gyan and tells shivani. Then shivani tells siddarth that jai is with them and their first step of mission succeeded as he reached harron taking roshan along and they had no other option to reach haroon, she says that she has to talk to PM.

Siddarth gets shocked hearing this. Siddarth asks her that why they did this dirty joke of feeding a terrorist and who permitted them. She says that she needs to talk to PM soon and he leaves with his team saying that jai, gyan, vedant and she will have to answer now. Mihir and zara get shocked. Shivani and siddarth talks about all the plan to aaditya and zakaira on video chat, they get shocked and she tells that they made plan of sending jai thereby making excuses. She says that they won’t let anything happen to anyone as they took the step for country’s good.

Aaditya and zakaira scold her and siddarth asks to think of virus now. There raaj and veer takes sarah to hospital and asks about kiran. And jai reaches haroon’s place and meets maya and gyan traces jai’s location and Sid runs to ATU and asks gyan and vedant to leave. Prithvi tries to makes aaditya understand about shivani’s plan but he doesn’t agree and gets angryon them. Khosla says he have sent mail about devyani to all her seniors and dean gets shocked seeing her past details. Kiran meets mili and asks her to go with her to sarah and inder stops them. There siddarth orders his team to find haroon’s dealor and shivani also orders but sid insults her and goes. There haroon and roshan talks on business drinking wine and shows virus and says that they will start to spread it from Mumbai first.

In next episode, we will see inder asks veer to catch kiran and roshan says their network will be finished and maya hugs jai saying that roshan will kill him and then haroon catches maya’s neck and jai asks them to leave her.

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