24 (Twenty Four) Season 2 3rd September 2016 Written Episode Updates Video: Roshan Aims Gut At Jai

24 (Twenty Four) Season 2

In the last episode of 24 Season 2 we saw that Jai was trying to make the dealer understand that how bad he is doing but he is doing it indirectly and then the brother of Roshan Sherchand starts getting angry from him. The mother has lost all his position in the PMO and because a detective which is being hired by her is following and taking pictures of Prithvi with her loving one who is already married was taken by him and is planning to use it for making his place final in the PMO back again.

24 (Twenty Four) Season 2

Shinde arranged the meeting and stars showing Prithvi’s images with his wife to the PM and after listening to this he gets very annoyed and sad. He was threatening to make him feel the same by hurting but he says him to turn out Prithvi out of PMO and will go to do this at any cost or he will go to pay for him and his seat of PM will be endangered. The place where the dealing was happening was getting hotter and all this is making the deal more and more difficult and due to the problem of security the dealer left from there leaving three of them on themselves.

The ATF and as the officials are becoming restless because of the situations and this is striking everyone very much. The daughter and son of Jai come to the ATF office, while the mother of PM got the pic of Prithvi with that girl which he was planning to run away, she thinks of giving him a shock. Prithvi went to meet his aunt and then she saw him the images and talk her about Antra Manik Shinde. Prithvi was very afraid of what will go to happen and then she starts to manipulate the situation very much and this will go to create bad things and situations for them. She assures him of not letting the worse happen and will going to manage the situation for him and Antra.

Prithvi was called by the PM and he is very much afraid, The circumstances between Roshan and his brother   is getting worse and this is becoming a headache for both of them, because he thinks that he is underestimating his power and thinking. He started to talk about his relation with Antra but the thing which he is angry is because Prithvi didn’t tell him about his relation with them.

Prithvi start talking to him about this and he was trying to understand the whole situation but it is becoming difficult for him to understand about this and take a decision on this situation. She somehow managed to bring the phone from him it’s very impressive technique. Naina has some very amazing plan to tackle Manik Shinde and she tells PM not to worry about this situation. The plan has a quite change and it’s on Roshan to kill Jai after the deal is done.

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