24 Twenty Four Season 2 S02 9th October 2016: Written Updates, Checkout! Who Will Be The Next PM?


In the last episode of this very amazingly running show 24 which is having its second season right now. The last episode takes place between 8 to 9 AM when Bhomik comes into his lab and ask Dr. Rai to send the virus rescue units to the PMO for quarantine, she gets a call from her and she is very sad and shocked to know about her, that she got in contact with the virus and says that she is sending the units to her too.

She says that I’ve quarantined myself and my unit to here and now the only thing left is to find the solution to this and says to her that she wants to supervise the treatment of Devyani. Prithvi and Naina come to the PMO and Mathura tells him about the virus outbreak in the PMO, listening to this Naina gets shocked and ask about Aditya, Mathur denies to this and asks her to go with him to the CM’s guesthouse where they all will be safe from the virus.

prithvinaina-24Prithvi asks about the Aditya too and Mathur asks him to talk to party secretary about Aditya, the phone is on speaker, Prithvi calls the speaker and ask him about Aditya, he tells them that Aditya and his whole team is exposed to the virus and also says that it was an accidental one for them.

He asks all of them to move to Delhi and then they will take a decision on this topic, while Aditya has already been shifted to the hospital and now we have to think like an acting PM. Naina and Prithvi go to the Hospital to talk to Aditya over this topic. Zaara and Vedanta are looking for the way to track the virus tubes and Mihir helps them by giving very reasonable solutions to their problems, While Roshan asks Maddy about the security of the location and she confirms that the location is safe from ATU as the images tell us, she is very much assure but the image was wrong.

Abhishek gives a signal about the coming of Roshan’s car and Siddarth was very scared about Kabir as he is not normal in this thing. Roshan car came and check Vaidehi and tells him about the clearance, Siddarth sees Kabir and Nupur in the car, then the exchange begin and Kabir denies to go to Siddarth as he is scared but when he convinces him he comes to him and watching all the love Vaidehi gets emotional and ask him did his dad killed her mother.

Abhishek gets shocked to see that Vaidehi is not going ahead and something is seriously wrong there, watching this Roshan gets down his car and comes with all his men to Vaidehi and ask him to come back as he is his dad and doesn’t care about ATU’s statement.

Abhishek gives the information about Roshan that he is in the zone for attack and thy can attack him now. Jai gives the order to attack him, Siddarth asks Nupur and Kabir to sit in the car, Jai runs towards Roshan asking Abhishek to cover him while he does this, Roshan’s goons started the shooting too at the ATU. Mihir tells about the tubes location and then also the information about them.

As Aditya done to have a lot of time Naina and Prithvi both goes inside to meet him, Aditya ask Naina to guide Prithvi as the acting PM now as he is the only one left and will have to act but Naina ask her not to say anything as this is not only in his hands.

Maddy was working on his laptop, while Vedanta asks Jai to give the virus to destroy it. Jai ask the Officer not to move and Naina asks the minister to go with Aditya’s relation and if Prithvi becomes the PM she will stay at the same designation where she is right now, Minister asks her if she wants to become a PM. Devyani tells a method to Aditya which will relieve him from the pain, Maddy tells Jai that she is ready and then she initiates the signal tracker and Jai Takes the virus to release.

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