#2nd Episode ‘Naagin 2’ 8th October 2016 Written Updates: Shresha Romances With Rocky

Naagin 2

Here the second season of Naagin 2 started with new curiosity and thrill for the audience. The show gets huge popularity and success in its first season and will go to rock in the second season as well.

The first episode starts with Shivanya who was worried and angry by her parent’s death. She kills many of them who kill her parents and then goes to take revenge from the last murderer. After 3 months she gets labour pain and Rithik takes her to the hospital and there she gave birth to a daughter. They both then feel worried that if their daughter will be a naagin then. Rithik asks her not to worry about anything and they name their daughter Shivani.


Then the episode further takes a leap of 25 years when Shivani is grown up. Shivanya is always in a worry that what will happen if Shivani has also become a naagin. She goes to the temple to know the same about it. She urges the saint there to tell her the truth behind this all. The saint there says to her that it all depends on  destiny and we can’t change this.

The saint then tells Shivani that if Shivanya gets married before she turns 25 then she will not become a naagin. Shivanya gets aimed and calls her relatives for Shivani’s marriage. On the other side, Shivani is going to the baker and then to deliver a cake. She meets a boy Rocky who gets fascinate towards her beauty. He gets her number and shop’s address and goes to meet her. Later on, Shivani is returning back to home and goes from the forests. She gets fall from the cliff but Rocky save her. She then fell unconscious and Rocky takes her to shiv temple.

In the house, Shivanya is worried for Shivani and says that it will be good if she does not turn a naagin today. In the temple, a wolf come to Shivani and she turns a naagin she kills that wolf and looks on. In today’s episode, we are going to see that Rocky is with Shresha and says that he can’t marry to Ruchika. Shivani gets fume at this and says that I will not let Rocky close to anyone. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Nagin like this.

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