2NE1’s ‘I am the Best’ gets 150M views on YouTube even after 4 years


The 2NE1’s ‘I am the Best’ MV has raked in 150 million views on YouTube ever since its release on June 27, 2011. Even though Minzy has left the group, MVs of the four girls are still popular and going strong.

With brilliant video effects, animations and unique sequences, people have reposed their faith in the video released four years ago.

The 2NE1’s ‘I am the Best’ video begins with a lighted background followed by four girls showcasing their dancing skills followed by the girls who demonstrate their abilities individually.

The biggest attraction of ‘I am the Best’ is the excellent video effects infused on it by the creators, which enable users not only to enjoy music but also the brilliant background and animations.

2NE1 ‘I am the Best’

Originally from South Korea, the all-girl group 2NE1, also called as Twenty One produces electronic and dance-oriented pop music with a heavy R&B and hip-hop influence.

The group, formed by YG Entertainment in 2009, comprises of CL (Lee Chae-rin), Minzy (Gong Minji), Dara (Sandara Park), and Bom (Park Bom).

The 2NE1 was first spotted by South Korean press in late 2004. At that time, Spica’s Bohyung and Fiestar’s Linzy were trainees alongside the 2NE1 members but these two girls were eliminated before debut.

Produced by Teddy Park, 2NE1 released their debut single in March 2009 with the title ‘Lollipop’, which was launched as part of a promotional campaign for an LG smartphone.

Even before “Lollipop” became a hit, the group released two more singles ‘Fire’ and ‘I Don’t Care.’

The ‘To Anyone’ released in 2010 was the debut full-length album, which managed to top the album charts in South Korea and reached number seven on the Billboard World Albums chart.

Moreover, in 2010 2NE1 fetched Artist of the Year and Album of the Year accolades at the Mnet Asian Music Awards.

Even through 2NE1 released ‘Don’t Cry’ album in 2011, their Japan debut and promotional tour for the release of Japanese EP Nolza was postponed until September 2011 due to the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.

The 2NE1’s ‘I am the Best’ video is available on YouTube and Apple iTunes store.

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