36th Day Sultan Total Collection Updates: Salman’s Second Movie To Cross 300 Crores Mark On Box Office After Bajrangi Bhaijaan


Salman’s one of the biggest movie ‘Sultan’ which has crossed amazing heights and broke many records of the box-office by becoming one of the most earning movie till now. The movie is based on sports-drama and has got too many emotional scenes in it, filled with truly motivational story the movie is a must watch.


Sultan Ali khan who is a middle aged wrestler and a very known champion. He was living a medicore and a very lonely life in a very small town of Haryana. Akash oberoi who is very known wrestler and founder of private MMA association league, his father start encouraging him to hire and Indian wrestler to save their glory and put the valour on their side again. He then travels to Haryana and to the sam village to meet Sultan Ali khan, but he seems to be very annoyed from the proposal and he strictly refuses to that proposal by giving the example of retiring from the wrestling.

Then Akash got very sad and start finding the reason behind his retiring so early from  this profession, he then meets Govind, who is a very close buddy of Sultan since the very childhood. He then start telling the whole story about this decision, he tells that it’s about eight years back when he was a very renown wrestler. One day he saw Aarfa Hussain which is being played by Anushka Sharma and then he starts falling for her, in th beginning Aarfa didn’t have any feelings for him and also tells him that she will going to marry that person who is a wrestler and very accomplished wrestler like she was at that time.

Sultan after listening to this starts his intense and hard-core training and  give all her dedication to wrestling, then one day his training paves for him. he becomes a state-evel wrestler and Aarfa’s love too. They both marry each-other other very happily and become one of the most loving and renown wrestler couple till then. They both start representing India in various sports events and international tournaments like Commonwealth Games and Asian games. Then one day when they both are selected for the Olympic games, Aarfa comes to know that she is pregnant and leaves her childhood dream of playing and winning game for Indian on an Olympic stage, for giving her a surprise Sultan wins for her and surprises her.

This changed everything, rather then being happy for both Aarfa becomes arrogant and gets annoyed to hear that Sultan has won in Olympics and starts acting differently. This didn’t end when he was on his tour to a match, Aarfa give birth to a baby, when he comes back he gets very shocked and broke down to know that his son died while Aarfa was giving him birth, due to severe Anemia. Then after getting so much depressed from all this incidents she comes to leave Sultan and starts residing with her father leaving him alone, Sultan who is too shocked and depressed to suffering  all this, starts some social work and leaves all the wrestling.

The movie is very amazing and has created a very big buzz and that buzz helped the movie to become one of the most amazing and successful movie of Sultan and the first movie of 2016 to become the biggest block-buster. The movie has collected around 585.6 crore till now, both international and domestic included.

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