{5th Day} Kotigobba 2 Box Office Collection News: Sudeep Starrer Film Break Records Of Some Big Movies

Kotigobba 2

Kannada movie industry which is one of the most fastest growing movie Industry is marking its way to the sky. It has started to make its way to the block-buster movies like Bollywood. This time the movie is Kotigobba 2 which has created a very good hype among the audience and is doing great business on the box-office. The movie is basically not a sequel of the first version of Kotigobba but the only scene which show any relation between both the movie is in the very beginning when two scenes merges to show Vishnuvardhan and Sudeep getting merged into single, but that’s only for creating a relation o that the movie doesn’t go far way from the first one.

Kotigobba 2

The movie is about two identical guys from which one is good and one is really bad, satya which is mild and calm natured person and a very simple person who does his broking business and the other one Shiva who is the most wicked one, best in doing heists, but that’s ony for the greedy and stone-hearted people who don’t care for poor people. The guy Shiva is portrrayed in the movie like the robinhood who steals to give it to poor. The meet each-other when Satya needs someone to take a stand for him because he has suffered so much due to the injustice which was later taken a stand by Shiva.

There is a small love story included in this story which is must needed to hold those people and audience who look out for a romantic side in every story. The story gets very tricky when the police becomes so much confused to identify who is bad and who is good. All the characters in the movie has given their best performance and their is no flaws at all, the movie is also paying their dedication and work by becoming a hit on the block-buster.

The movie is being directed by K.S Ravikumar. The movie is produced by Rockline Venkatesh   in the Tamil version and M.Babu in Kannada as Kotigobba. The movie is starring Kichcha Sudeep and Nithya Menon as the lead roles with an important role being done by Prakash Raj.

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