8 ForeignTourist Destination You Can Travel To Under The Cheap Budget

Do you want to travel abroad, but don’t have that much resources? Do not worry, we have just the right places you can travel to under ₹45000. Our list includes some famous and some not so famous countries with so much to discover. They say its not the price you pay for the vacation that matter, its the experience you bring back. We can assure you one thing, your experience of these vacations will be worth sharing and it will be one for the life time.


1.) First on the our list of pocket friendly countries, is the most expected destination for cheap thrills all over the world. If you haven’t guessed it yet, let us tell you, yes, its Thailand. With a lot of sea food delicacies and some amazing hotels this is bound to be the number one on our list. The breath-taking beaches of the country are also famous for being a famous tourist destination. Plus the country is also very cheap for tourists as, it relies mostly on its tourism in order to boost economy. You can plan a seven day vacation to Thailand around ₹40,000 per person any time of the year, and this includes air fair as well as hotels and a little sight seeing.

sri lanka
2.) Second on our list will be the heart of Indian Ocean and the country famous among Indians for being the country of ‘Ravan’ Sri Lanka. A lot of people go to Andaman and Nicobar in order to visit the scenic beaches but if you want to travel abroad for some leisure and some peace, Sri Lanka is just the right place for you. It is beautiful, it is pocket-friendly, plus it has amazing food to binge upon and you definitely know about the beauties of Sri Lanka, Jacqueline Fernandez being one of them. Jokes apart, a seven day trip to Sri Lanka will cost you around ₹40,000 per person which includes everything.

3.) Third on our list is the not so famous Bhutan. Bhutam might not be a hype among avid travelers but it does have some pretty mind boggling scenery. Even though the flight is not too expensive, the best thing about Bhutan is, you can always travel to Bhutan by road through West Bengal/ Sikkim Border. Bhutan is also called the happiest place on earth, so if you are looking forward to a stress relieving vacation, you might want to re-think about your destination. Even though, the hotels in Bhutan are not so amazing, if compared to Thailand or Sri Lanka, but they are not so bad either. Bhutan is just like Leh – with almost similar terrain, but more remote and happy. A seven day trip to Bhutan will cost you around 40,000 if you choose to travel by air and if you plan to go by road, it should decrese to around 25,000-30,000, which is pretty much pocket friendly for a foreign vacancy.

4.) Fourth on our list is Cambodia, never heard of it? No problem. Cambodia, which is officially known as Kindom of Cambodia is located in Southern Portion of Indo-China peninsula in Southeast Asia. House of the biggest Vishnu temple in the world and some pretty scenic forest and wild life. Cambodia is a must visit place on the list of every nature lover. The country is also a house of some old world charm and some other gems of Indian history. As by now, you know it is not pretty much far away, let us tell you, a seven day trip to Cambodia will cost you around ₹45,000 per person, everything included.

5.) Fifth on our list will be Singapore, the country sometimes also referred as Lion City. The country include a diamond shaped main Island along with some 62 other islets. For people who like urban areas and want to visit only developed countries, Singapore is the one for them. Singapore being famous for a lot of tourist destinations, but the main attraction for first timers is always the Lion Fountain. An avid destination for honeymooners and for tourists, this can be the vacation of your life with not too much to lose for. A seven day trip to the country will cost you only around ₹35,000 per person and will give you an experience if the lifetime.

6.) Sixth spot on our list of cheap abroad vacations will go to Nepal. Being a neighbor and the country re-building its tourism after the tragedy earlier this year, Nepal still has too much to offer to a nature lover. You can travel to Nepal even by road, that will save up your air fair, even though the flights are cheap too. No visa is required to go to Nepal is the best part, so there is no fuss. Nepal being famous for a lot of things like adventure sports, national parks and of course, being the home of Himalayas as well as Mt. Everest, a nature lover cannot resist to go to Nepal. Kathmandu being the most developed cities in Nepal can also offer a good night life and even have casino’s, if you are into it. Hence, we can say that it is a package deal. A seven day trip to Nepal will only cost you around ₹30,000 per person, if you choose to go by air.

7.) Seventh place on our list goes to Indonesia, the country which consists of some 13,000 islands. If you love water sports and street shopping, you will definitely love Indonesia, especially Bali and Jakarta. Bali has everything available for water sports lover, be it scuba diving or snorkeling and the lovely beaches of Bali also have a lot of soul to them. A famous destination for honeymooners as well as families and solos. The country also houses some the best hotels from all over the world and some pocket-friendly one too, with villas ranging from ₹3000-₹5000 per night. A seven day trip to Indonesia will cost you around ₹45,000 per person. But if you are a shopaholic, it might cost you a tad bit more.

new york
8.) Last on our list will be the New York of this side of the world, Dubai. The global city and business hub of the Middle East is one destination if you love king size lifestyle and shopping. With a lot of Malls present in Dubai, this place is the whale of shopping hubs. All Dubai is famous for is shopping, buildings and heights of human planning. With a pinch of Middle Eastern culture and some beaches, Dubai can be the destination of your once in a lifetime vacation. A trip to Dubai will cost you around ₹40,000 per person, which includes a decent hotel and flight expenses.
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