8 Unknown Facts About Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

The former president of India and very loving personality of the Indian origin which is known for his perfection and excellency in every single field no matter what the field is. The name which can be a light for success and path for motivation to many guys who wants to achieve something in their life.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

A person who make the whole country and many from the world to cry for one of the most sad demisal of APJ Abdul Kalam, on the day of his final journey to the end of every human life and final bidding to his admirers, he has made millions of people feel the lackness of losing one of the biggest gems of India. He is one of the major idea behind many things in scientifically development of India, without him the development of India might be so much lacking and will be still waiting for the major break to achieve the biggest stage where they are standing now.

This great person has leave so many things to admire but some of the facts which cannot be revealed to many but in this article you’ll be getting those.

here are some of the facts and quotes by him which are unknown about Dr. APJ Abdul kalam:

1. ” You cannot Change Yourb Future, But You can Change Your habbits, And Surely Your habits Will Change Your Future”

2. “Don’t Take Rest After Your first Victory, Because If You Fail In Second, More Lips are Waiting To Say That Your First try was Just Luck”

3. ” All Birds Find Shelter During The Rain< But Eagle Avoids Rain By Flying Above The Clouds ”

4. “Man Finds Difficulties in Life Because They Are Necessary to Enjoy This Succes”

5. a Country Is To Be Corruption Free And Become A Nation Of Beautiful Minds, I strongly Feel There Are Three Keys To It, Societal members Who Can Make A Difference, They are the Fathers, The Mother and The Teacher.

6. “To Succeed In Your Mission You Must Have Single-Minded devotion To Your Goal”

7. “Great Dreams of Great Dreamers re Always Transcended”

8. ” Dreams are not those which Comes While Sleeping, But They Are Those Which Will Not Let You Sleep”


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