A 3-year-old Adopted Kid Micheal Brown Wins The Heart On Internet

The kids had melted many hearts by his expressions.

A 3-year-old Adopted Kid Micheal Brown Wins The Heart On Internet

A 3-year-old kid named Micheal Brown, suddenly become famous on social media, when his adoptive sister put his picture on her Twitter account and it goes viral on the internet. The kid spent around 800 days in foster care and now he is adopted by Tara Montgomery a single mother.

Micheal’s new mother Tara Montgomery already having two daughters and she is so happy to have him as her son, she described her adopted son as ‘meant to be’. The joyous face of an adopted kid Micheal wins the hearts of people on social media platform.

You can see that in the picture he celebrating his adoption, his expressions say everything as this is Micheal’s third foster family and you can estimate his happiness and excitement by seeing his picture. His third foster family adopted him on Valentine Day, last year on 14 February 2015. Micheal was only 18-month-old when he was adopted by the family and now after spending 832 days in foster care he is back with his forever family. However, the original plan of the family was just to reunite with Micheal, but somehow they change their mind and added Micheal in their family permanently.

Tara Montgomery said: “He’s been through a lot. This is his third foster family,” she then added, “but he had been with us for so long, and he was a part of our family.”

The rights of the biological mother of Micheal Brown were severed, the adoption becomes official on Tuesday after all the paperwork done in Phoenix.

Tara Montgomery, on the tweet of her daughter, said: “We obviously did not know it was going to go viral. My daughter put it on her Twitter, and it just blew up from there.”

The tweet was retweeted 56,000 times and got 1,40,000 likes.

(Source: CNN)

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