A Dot Com Mom Movie Review: Public Response, Stills Critics, Verdict, Box Office Collection


Marathi industry is having a very great time and fortune as the movie and the concepts which are being prepared in the industry is getting an impressive and response and the story of the movie is actually very great while marking the great and exceptional talent of the Marathi actors the movie A Dot Com Mom is going to release today.

The movie is basically based on a very important and crucial point of view which the society is taking towards our elders and those who are still much behind from the fast and very fast running the world. This latest Marathi movie is being directed by Dr Meena Nerukar and is one of the most anticipated movies of 2016, as the trailer gives away a very great and amazing inside out introduction of the movie.


There is no need to tell that the movie is filled with comedy, humour and emotional scenes which question us that what we are doing for those who have given birth to us and now they are asking for our help to grow just like we need it when we were small kids.

The movie is about a concerned mother who is very excited and happy to meet his son who is settled abroad, while the real story of the movie starts when the mother gets landed on the airport and the scenario starts to begin worse as the mother faces her daughter in law which is not getting anything to understand about her, they both have a very serious issue of coordination since the very first day, while the drama and humor in the movie were taken care to not go out of hands and work equally with the story of the movie.

Thus the role of the mother which is being done by Sundara Manmade Bharli is very much appreciated and is going to get the most attention as the movie is surrounding her sufferings and situations while portraying it in the emotional and dramatic way. The movie is very much awaited and will surely go to make a buzz when it got released in theatres.

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