A Mother Lost Her Daughter Due to Wrong Surgery of Tonsillectomy

mother lost her daughter

A mother from Detroit lost her 9-year-old daughter due to wrong surgery of tonsillectomy, the wrong step in surgery took a life of one innocent girl, Anyialah Greer.

Sonia Gambrell, a mother of the dead girl told WJBK, Sonia took her daughter, Anyialah to the hospital for a tonsillectomy (a surgical procedure to remove the tonsils). Unfortunately, something went wrong in the surgery as result a girl died hours later of the surgery and her mother is mourning the death of her dear daughter. The tonsillectomy procedure was planned for December 8, but sadly after some hours of the surgery, a nine-year-old Anyialah died.


Doctors told Sonia that the tonsillectomy surgery is necessary as Anyialah was having a snoring problem and her mother took to her hospital to get rid of the problem. However, she didn’t know that this step will be the reason of her daughter’s death.

According to WJBK, the tonsillectomy procedure took 40 minutes and when surgery was done and Anyialah recovered, the hospital discharged her. Even though, her mother said the hospital discharged her daughter too soon as a few hours later of the surgery.

She underwent the surgery to help alleviate, which was leading her a problem in breathing and sleeping.

Her lawyer, Marc Berlin told InsideEdition.com, “She went in for a routine procedure and it took two hours,” he added,  “The mom is obviously very upset and wants answers and doesn’t believe a routine procedure should end in her daughter’s death.”

After leaving the hospital when mother and daughter returned home, Sonia noticed her daughter was falling in and out of sleep. Then Sonia took her daughter and tried to get her a medication as her daughter’s condition was not looking good. They went to fill the prescription for oxycodone and search at the different pharmacy at local hospitals. Sadly, she passed away.

Marc Berlin said, “The child was in the back seat sleeping the whole time and then her mother noticed she wasn’t breathing.”                                               “It doesn’t seem that the child was ever stable enough to be discharged. We just don’t know what happened and why she was deemed okay to be let go from the hospital.” He added,  “We are investigating and trying to obtain justice for this family.”

When her mother rushed her to the hospital there was no activity in her brain and she died later.

Children’s Hospital in its statement said, “We were deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Anyialah. We take the care and service we provide to our patients very seriously and we are here to support the family during this difficult time.”

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