“A Scandall” Movie Review & Rating Hit or Flop Stills Critics Box Office Collection

a scandall

Bollywood is very famous for his production of movie because. It is the world’s biggest producer of films all-around the world, With total production of more than 10 times of hollywood.

Bollywood movies don’t have so many themes in them and many movies are basically made on action, thrill, love, romantic and revengeful stories of a person who tries to take his revenge from his enemies or to kill the bad guys who once killed his loved ones or similar like that and soesn’t have so many variations. But these were old times, now the bollywood has changed and is producing movies which are focusing on scaring the people and make them feel the exception and saw what they have never expected just by looking at the trailer.

a scandall

A Scandal is movie which you should be looking for if you want to see suspence and thriller at the same time. The movie is about a house which is infamous for his appereances and incidents which has happened in it.

This movie is featuring the brother of a known bollywood star Harman Baweja and his younger brother Johnny Baweja who is also the lead actor of the movie, Reeth Mazumder and Manav Kaul are also in the lead role in this movie. This movie does have some seriously adult scenes which is known to be as far rated by the censor board but it didn’t have to face s many problems to get a certificate and to pass it. This movie features many BDSM to ultra high rated making an romantic scenes. scenes with online free dipping and unlimited access to any type of content is what the movie seems to be roaming around all about. But the crew members and the creaters of this movie are saying and claiming that this movie is not what it seems in the trailer and the audience will have to see more of it. Some of the genre they told that are of coming of age, supernatural, murder mystery.

This movie is focusing basically on “Sexual” undertones, most of the viewers who have watched the trailer talks about nothing else and just expect a newspaper clipping which is suggesting a missing girl and some gruesome ghost encounter with no base or story to claim.

This movie have been confirmed that it could very well turn out to be a fatal role selection decision for a versatile actor like Manav Kaul, who was last seen in Jai Gangaajal and playing a very tough role while nailing it .

The new duo and when both are debuting it seems to be a quite difficult for both of them to reach the comfort level which movie requires, this is what the director tried his best. Reeth Mazumder and Johnny Baweja which is the fresh new pairing but at some points they both looks pretty much Clueless in the movie whih can be easily seen in the trailer. They didn’t have to go down on leaked MMS publicity stunt as the trailer leaves nothing left to imagine about the movie.

The movie is written and directed by Ishan Shrivedi which is not a very big name and when you are in bollywood you must have to be backed by someone and have some support of big name nehind you, in this case Harman is the big name which is backing this movie. The movie is also featurings Tanvi Vyas, Vasundhara Kaul, Puru Chibber and Vatsaal Raja as the supporting role.

The trailer has leave the viewer in quite nothing less then a vulgar and spreading an unintentionl MMS gone wrong.

The film will going to hit the box-office on the 24th June,2016. The audience have given it normal response as the movie didn’t get a jump start and will get minimal audeince throughout the day.

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