A Tough Decision Is Ahead Of Jai Watch ’24 Season 2′ 18th September 2016 Written Episode


The last episode Twenty Four starts with, Kiran meets Maya and Maya tell her about her father’s death. She then says that my father is not close to me but still I feel bad for him. Kiran gets shocked when Maya taunts her for Jai and says that he is a cheater. Maya goes and Kiran thinks on. On the other side, Jai and Vedant are following Balraj but gets thinking on when he roam around here and there. Jai then says to Vedant that he is just checking the right way and ask him to have patience.

24-season-2Shivani calls Gyan and he tells her about his health. Shivani gets tensed for him and felt sorry. Gyan then asks her to have the strength and to continue the mission after him. Chang warns them and says that he is  not afraid to get killed that he will not tell them about anything else. Veer gets annoyed hearing the fire alarm and ask Avinash to switch it off. Jai and Vedant then get aimed when Balraj starts driving the car in speed.

ATU then tries to manage everything the hotel. The guests are starts questioning about the matter. Later Veer tries to make them understand about that. Veer tells them that we can’t go out now. Shivani and Siddharth talk about the 400 people who gets in an attack by the virus. She says that we have to take some serious step now. Naina comes to Aditya and says him not to worry about Shindey. She then sees Dhruv’s pic and says that I had seen this man with Deevyani and they were very close. Aditya gets stunned at this and thinks on.

Balraj goes in the another car and Jai thinks on. Balraj was unable to  start the car and Jai says that there is something wrong. The car blasts and Jai get stunned. On the other side in the hotel Veer tells everyone that we can’t go out from here as we all are affected by the virus. Avinash tries to manage the situation and ask them to move forward.

Antara thinks about Shindey. Jai calls Shivani and tells about the incident. The news further goes to Prithvi and he gets shocked knowing this all. Aditya and Naina talk about Devyani when she comes and greets them. Aditya asks him about Dhruv and she says that he was his ex-husband. Aditya tells Devyani about Dhruv’s true identity and she gets shocked at this.

Avinash talks to the doctor and says that did we all get died. The doctor says that we have nothing for you all now. Roshan thinks about Balraja and says to Vasu that I am also  sad for  Balraj. Jai talks to Shivani and says that I have to talk to Veer. Shivani arranges a video call. Chang was aimed and says that I will not tell anything to anyone. Jai then talks to Veer via video calling and Kiran felt crying seeing his condition. Veer then says that he is fine and tells them about the condition of the hotel.

Devyani says to Naina and Boomik that Dhruv is not a terrorist and he doesn’t do any criminal activity. Aditya gets fumes at this and says that I was wrong about you. Jai then goes to Maya and apologise to her. He says that my wants to come to you but was unable as there are 400 people who are fighting for their life. He then  asks her about Roshan. She tells about women  named Anjali  Sharma and says that Roshan is close to that lady.

In the upcoming episode, we are going to see Anjali telling Vasu that Shivani had called me. Jai and Aditya get to know about Roshan’s location and goes to catch her. Vedant reach to that place and says that we are so close to him and this time I can’t let him go. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Twenty Four like this.

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