A Whole Lot Of New Strange Tales from ‘Doctor Strange’ Set Now Unveiled!


When one is keen to learn about magic, there are certain selected places one goes. Kamar-Taj in Kathmandu is one of those places in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One may learn properly there the mystic path under the right tutelage.

One can unlock the unseen realities interacting with our own world. The place one goes to learn magic is England’s Longcross Studios. Net had the privilege of visiting the set of Marvel’s Doctor Strange and learning from ones who wield movie magic. Scott Derrickson  says that he wanted a character rooted in the real. The first point was the things we have not seen in cinema, the action that could be created in cinema not seen earlier. Some of the ideas were remarkably good and some ideas did not work well.

doctor-strange-2The one that went well were tied in a string and they became the major set pieces for the movie. Kelvin Feige, president of Marvel studio  promised that the Marvel fans are going to have some truly innovative visual effects coming their way this November.

Scott Derrickson acknowledged blacklight poster a great visual inspiration for the movie. He further continues , “I keep feeling like someone’s gonna say, it’s too bizarre! it’s too weird! We can’t! We are going too far!”

The comics were a great help, they were actually the inspiration to try to go to the past to certain boundaries. After crossing those boundaries  we just kept going  and getting stranger and stranger. Doctor Strange is going to reveal the unusual side of MCU.

The story is also  having a very emotional element in the center place. This requires a unique acting talent. It is a movie about the space adventures of talking raccoon.

Cumberbatch is the leading man who goes through everything one can possibly imagine. He has a car crash and becomes obsessed with healing himself without realizing that healing is something beyond just becoming what he used to be.

dr-strangeCumberbatch is dressed in simple vestments customary to a novice of mystic arts in days scene. He is supporting a large beard and is covering in flakes of artificial snow and frostbite makeup.

Everyone in the movie is more talented. The guy with magical abilities is more than strange and the master of the mystic art is wrong, a fellow warrior who has been the master in his own right. He’s tasked with protecting some of the most valuable relics but he does not have a lot of time to worry about strange.

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