A Whole New Tv Series ‘Westworld’ & Second Most Expensive, But It’s The Most Promising Sci-Fi Ever!


The race to become the best Tv show is growing on a very fast rate as the expectations for better and more exceptional show is coming on the Tv series with investments which can easily match up to the movies which cast big stars.

The one of the latest Tv series ‘Westworld’ which is being started by HBO and is having a lot of things to say as the investment in the show is quite a very large number (around $100 million) and for the new comers, the things are that ‘new comers is only used for the concept of the show as name for the show Westworld is not a new name and it is being taken from a very famous movie which is released with the same name in 1973. While the director and writer for the show is a very renown person Michael Crichton, who has shown his talent in a very famous movie Jurassic Park as an Author.

westworldThe show which has put almost $100 Million for the first season to prepare and after the getting the title of second ‘Game of Thrones’. The show has shown a very great and exceptional first episode while marking all the expectations of the audience and viewers of for the show’s very first episode.

The show is about a Western Theme park which is populated with the people who look like the human but are actually Robots who are also known as the ‘Hosts’ and they are here to welcome the ‘newcomers-The humans’ or the guests who’ve come there after paying a very great price to see them and just fora visit to have a nice time around them.

While the normal things aren’t supposed to happen in this series and that’s what different response cut this series. Westworld is created actually by a team of husband-wife writing team named as Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. Nolan is best known as co-writer of some of his brother Christopher’s films, including ‘The Dark Knight’, and also as the creator of the science fiction surveillance drama ‘Person of Interest’.

westworld-2The show is going very great and that’s expected by the makers after investing a hefty amount of money, but the risk might seem to work out as the series got a very good and impressive response while the viewership was too very excellent.

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