Aa Mugguru Total Box Office Collection Till Today Business Report

Aa Muggurru, the recently released Telgu film which had collected a good amount from the box office and has a good reviews from the audience as well as from the critics. Film was directed by one of the well known and the amazing person Mandapaka Srinivas and Jointly produced by Nallamili Chinna Reddy, Thamalampudi Srinivas Reddy with their banner of Anna Creations.

box office collection

It is featuring  Ranjith, Sarayu and Chanti as the leading roles of the film and the story concept of the film is quite good and it is looking so good on the big screens. Aa Muggurru had created a buzz on the minds of the audience and generate a good collection from the box office as the producers and the director put their best efforts to make such a good film and has collected a good reviews as well.

The one who had watched the film is just said the film is so good and they love the characters played , and every scene of the film was so strange in itself. Aa Muggurru has a good response as well as the film presenting an entertaining thriller story with some interesting twists and turns which will really make you to curious and create an suspense in the story, as well as in your mind and you will get so excited to know that what’s happens next.

On the first day of its release it collects a good amount but later on the rates of earning are just got down, On the first day of its release it collects about Rs. 3.23 cr. from the box office but it was not upto the expectations of the makers as they wish to have more earning  from the film.  And on the 6th day of its release the film had collected about Rs. 2.13 cr. form box office and had crossed the mark of 10 cr.

Its collection as the film had earned approx. 12.23 cr. on box office. Here now its the 7th day of the film and it had collected approx. 1.94 cr from the box office and surely it is continuing with its business as Aa Muggurru is still on the big screens . Overall Aa Muggurru have an positive response from the audience but have average collection on b0x office.

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