Aaliya Gets Shocked That Pragya Knows About The CD! Kumkum Bhagya 19th September 2016 Written Episode Updates


In the last episode Purab saw Aaliya talking to a man but didn’t hear anything. Pragya came to her home and opened the lock. She got a message in which written that they went for shopping with Purab. Abhi was thinking about Pragya. Dasi told Dadi that Suman tortured Veena. Abhi thought that Dasi must have

Dasi told Dadi that Suman tortured Veena. Abhi thought that Dasi must have idea to torture Nikita. Dadi said to Abhi that she taught him that bad things should not be listen. Abhi said that he wants to torture his fan no. 1 and Dasi asked him why he want to tortur her. Abhi said that she did a mistake. Dasi shared some ideas to torture but Abhi used some of that ideas. Dasi then gave some strong ideas which Abhi liked and said that he will try this.

kumkum-bhagyaTanu was waiting for Aaliya and then she argued with Janki. Beeji and Sarla came there and saw them arguing with each other. Beeji asked tanu to keep all vegetables inside bag. Tanu refused to pick the vegetables.

Tanu was waiting for Aaliya but she didnt come there and thinks that she will not going to come at all. While she was going she gets colided with Janki and make her vegetables fall. She scolds her because of not miding the way and looking forward while walking.

Sarla and Beeji too comes there and saw them arguing over this topic which is not very big. aaliya was lying about her coming to that market place and as he ask her about the bag which she is claiming to bring for some shopping. She gets strucked in her own words. Purab was curios about what Aaliya is doing here at this time and Beeji and Sarla makes Pragya understand that there is no benefit of fighting with her and clear up all the things which you’ve made to fall. She clears all the things.

In today’s episode Aaliya says to Pragya that she knows to handle people. Pragya says to Aaliya that if she if she would have known to handle people then she would have handled Aaliya first.

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