Aaliya Gets Shocked To Hear Pragya’s Meet With Abhi! Kumkum Bhagya 29th August 2016 Latest Written Episode Live Updates

Kumkum Bhagya 29 August

The show starts and we see Pragya tells Sarla that she stopped Abhi but he didn’t listen, she says that she had fear in going front of him but now its gone as he is not reacting weird. There Tanu waits for Abhi and annoys aaliya to call abhi again, she shouts on her and calls him but he doesn’t pick.

Beeji tells a plan and sarala and pragya says they cant do it but she says that she is ordering them not telling. Then abhi comes out and beeji says that he is not allowed to go and he says kidnapping. She says no its love as she is his old fan and emotionaly blackmails him, but he says that he have to go somewhere urgent. He says that he respects her as she is like his dadi but he can stay just for 30 min only. Then they sit and talk about many things and challenges each other in game.

Kumkum Bhagya 29 August

Sarla comes with food and asks him to have it, he eats it and says that seems he has eaten it before. Beeji and Sarla makes him eat with their hands and he says that they made wonderful yummy food, Pragya stares at him and thinks their happiness is short lived.

Tanu and aaliya come back to their house and Tanu cries feeling rejected but Aaliya makes her understand. There Abhi says that they seems like his family and Sarla says that he can come here whenever he wants to eat her hand’s food. He says ok and leaves asinkg beeji to tell Pragya not to be stubborn.

Aaliya goes to manager and scolds him to post that new pic with Pragya on Abhi’s fan page, then she gets Tanu call telling the same about pic and she cries. Aaliya says that its ab old pic and a silly mistake, she will get it deleted and thinks that if pic is new so he met with Pragya again.

We will see in next show that abhi tells Aaliya athat he has a biggest fan and her family is also his fan, she asks about her name and he says he doesn’t remember. She takes random names and then Pragya’s, just then Abhi says yes.

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