Aaliya Questions Mani For Supporting Shagun Againts Ishita! Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th September 2016 Written Episode Full Update


Shagun talks with Ishita that she has filed case and Pihu is my daughter and she will be with me. Judge says i will go with Pihu’s decision and wherever she wants to live then i will do decision in her favour.

She also asks Raman not to raise his hand. She thinks i cannot let Pihu go with Shagun as this will not be good for Pihu. Then i have to send Pihu to Bhallas. Shagun says pack your bag Pihu as you also have to go now. She says i will meet in court. Raman says i will not let my daughter go with you. They goes. Raman and Ishita reaches home. Mrs bhalla cries and says she cannot  live without Pihu. Raman thinks Shagun said that her family is with her so she will be strong. Ishita says i dont think so Mani will support her.

yhm-yeh-hai-mohabbateinRaman asks her to calm down. Ishita gets message of Alia. Alia asks Ishita to come home as she has been discharged. Ishita says thank god she came back and i have to go to see her. She reaches Mani’s house. Alia becomes happy to see her. Mani comes and Ishita says i want to talk to you. He says no i will talk about Aadi in court.

She says no. He goes. Shagun thinks this muCh of sorrow is not enogh for Bhallas. She calls media and says if they wants fresh news then come to court tomorrow. Ishita says Mani i am here to talk about Pihu and I know Shagun is your wife and you will support her but Pihu is a child and she will make her as herself.

Mani remains quiet. She says i did big mistake by joining your relation but i know she will change by living with you.  Shagun sees them talking.

She comes and says Mani please give medicines to Alia. He goes. Shagun shouts on Ishita and says you came here to persuade Mani but Mani will support me. Ishita says i did not coe to persuade her and he is my childhood friend and our bond is so strong. She says i will break that bond and widen the gap between  you and Mani. Shagun sees Mani coming and starts her drama.

She says what is wrong with you Ishita why you are saving Aadi and asking Alia not to take  Aadi name. She says he is my son but i am saving him as he is culprit. Ishita says what are you talking i have not said this.

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