Ab India Ki Baari : So You Think You Can Dance Winner Name Grand Finale Episode 1 16th July 2016

so you think you can dance

So You Think You Can Dance, it is one of the biggest Indian competitive dance television show, the show was aired on first time on the Indian television on 24th April 2016 and broadcasted on &TV on every Saturday and Sunday nights.

This show is an officially similar version of the So You Think You Can Dance franchise, which is based on the original American production created by Dick Clark Productions. The auditions of the show was started in the middle of February 2016. Show is hosted by very talented Rithvik Dhanjani and Mouni Roy, and it is hosted by very amazing dancer and choreographer  Madhuri Dixit, Terence Lewis and Bosco Martis.

so you think you can dance

Competitors can perform any of the of the form of dance in front of the judges and audience on the show such as Indian and Western dance forms. On the last weekend all the contestants had given an hilarious performance and had a great a attention from th audience and the judges as well and creates a good impression on judges to select the one.
So You Think You Can Dance is a great platform for the artists who don’t have any way to show their talent in front of the world and to have the popularity. On the last night on the show So You Think You Can Dance we had a great and amazing performances from all the dancers on the stage, Terence and Bosco Danced on the song Kundi Mat Kharkao Raja Sidha Andar Aao Raja and Madhuri Dixit  really enjoyed their dance while sitting on Judges Seats.

They both are very professional dancers and have a great experience of the huge field of dance, and the gave a very impressive performance of their dance on the song, all of the audience and contestants are really impressed and appreciate their performance. The show is going on its peak and only have a great popularity among the audience and viewers.

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