Abhi Thanks Pragya! ‘Kumkum Bhagya’ 2nd September 2016 Written Episodes Updates & Live Telecast

Kumkum Bhagya 10

Abhi was talking to him and suddenly Amelia comes to them and they all argue about the girl who was with him and somehow his brother managed to make him fool of this thing. He was trying his best to remember but Aalia knows that he is talking to Pragya.

Aalia was very tensed because of this thing and he was trying his best to make him remember that Pragya might be remembered by Abhi. Aaliya warns him not to do anything like this because it will go to affect his health. Sarla wants Pragya to stop her job because she doesn’t want her to do the job there where she was doing right now. Beeji didn’t listen to her and they all starts arguing about this matter. Sarla was trying to hide something and she reveals this thing and she also tell her that Aaliya will go to ruin their life if Pragya continues to meet Abhi.

Kumkum Bhagya 10

Kumkum Bhagya 10Beeji was trying to tell her that she is not doing anything with her but Sarla still insists her to stop her job and she was also right because she has already lost her one daughter because of Aaliya. The situation was not very good and this is what makes Pragya insists on her thing and she tells her to believe in her that she will not do to do anything which will going to fear her or will going to affect her life.

She promises Sarla that she will not go to let them suffer anymore. When she leaves from there she comes to the office and then she meets Abhi, he asks her that is today her birthday. She nods to this statement and tells that there is nothing like this. Abhi then asks her about her leg pain and she tells that she is fine now and will going to maintain her health and will go to take care of her.

Saira to asks her about her pain and she tells her that she is fine now. When Aaliya was going to meet Pragya for clarifying the things she gets a call from Mr.Sethi and when Abhi was about to record the song and he asks Pragya to give the reactions and to tell him how his song was she agrees to this.

She also tells him to do the song with his guitar and he asks her to make sure he plays the song right. Abhi was very confused as she is her fan but she is behaving like she is his wife ad the only wife can take care of his husband like this. Pragya was very surprised as he was very thankful to her.

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