Abhishek Puts Ishita In Lockup Raman Ruhi Get Shocked! Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th September 2016 Episode

Raman goes to the police station. Raman says not to leave that person. Constables come and bring Aadi. Everyone gets scared. Raman becomes shocked. Aadi says he remembered who attacked Alia. Ishita says who. Aadi says he is the culprit.  Roohi goes to meet Kanika. She says she just hope to win the heart of Kajal then she can convince Mr. Singhal.

ishitaKanika comes. She was in a wheelchair. Ishita says why are you telling lie Aadi and who forced you to say this. Ishita says do you know what will happen to you. Aadi says its truth. Ishita asks Raman to see him. Aadi says he was drunk.

Mani comes and says I knew it and you did this. He starts slapping Aadi. Ishita tries to stop but Raman remains silent. Roohan says him to Kanika but she does not respond. She says I am so sorry that I did not notice your request. She asks which is your favorite song. Kanika still looks down. Her mom says Kanika did not call you but me and in an accident, Kanika lost her legs.

yhmRoohan says why you called me. She says she never spoke a word after the accident. Her mom says that whenever Kanika listen to his songs then she smiles. Alia goes to jail and says why are you doing this Alia. Mani shouts on her and says Aadi is the culprit. Mani says that attack could be so huge.

Alia asks Aadi to tell. Shagun says I didn’t want to come here and he insulted all women. She says she never expected this and all this is because of Raman. Aadi says stop it and I am bad but I don’t want to listen to anyone. Raman looks down. Mani takes Alia. Raman says I will leave you and stay here.

yeh-hai-mohabbateinHe says I am feeling ashamed to call you my son. Ishita cries and says please tell me and you can say lie to everyone but not from.me. she asks him.to tell what happened. Ishita shouts to tell the truth. Raman asks Ishita to come. Raman says to accept the truth.  Ishita calls Alia. Mani says don’t talk to Alia. Ishita says I am her Amma and I want only five minutes. Ishita says she cannot understand anything and how suddenly he is saying that he is the culprit. Alia says we went to hypnotherapist and he said that he watched a person who attacked her

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