The News Recorder is a leading online news publication. With decades of experienced writers and report coverage, our team works hard to cover current news, world events, science, technology, business, social, media, and lifestyle news.

Our reporters provide the latest and most up to date stories from around the globe.  With our team spread out across 4 continents and countless time zones, we’ve always got someone covering the latest breaking news.  We’re sure to be covering what YOU are looking for!

Our Team:

Ashwani Singh (Reviews Manager): As the Editor for The News Recorder, Ashwani spends more time managing than reporting these days.  However, his expertise and interests lie in the Movie Reviews, Ratings, and US News.

Chhavi Goel (Team Manager): Chhavi has over 2 years of experience as a news writer and editor. At The News Recorder, She covers all news and updates regarding entertainment.  Her expertise lies in digging into a story and finding additional information and insights quickly.

Mansi Sharma (Media Expert): Mansi is a reporter here at The News Recorder. She reports on Education, Sports, and Entertainment News. Her 2 years of journalism experience have been put to the test many times. Mansi managed the whole team of The News Recorder and possess a strong hold over the updates and changes in the website and social media profiles.

Prateek Sharma (Founder & Social Media Manager): A person, who is the strongest pillar behind The News Recorder’s success. He loves to make people updates on social media with latest happenings and news. He tackles all the technical part behind The News Recorder.

Tarun Singh (Founder & Director Of Operations): Tarun manages all the operations behind The News Recorder. He also writes on smartphones, gadgets, technology, science and health. Tarun attends all the media conferences and events.


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