Adi Reveals Culprit’s Name: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishita says she will need a help of Abhishek to talk to Aadi as he is saving someone. A child comes. She says nanu to Mr. Bhalla.  They go to home and media persons was there. Media asks what is your reaction that Aadi confessed his crime. Ananya says you cannot talk to Mr. Bhalla like this. Mihika comes there and stops them.

ishita-ramanShe shouts at them. Mihika hugs Ananya. Mihika calls watchman. Mr. Bhalla says thank you to Mihika. Mihika greets Ananya. She says she missed her. She takes her to Amma house. Abhishek says bring that woman. Lady police take Ishita. Aadi gets shocked to see her. Aadi asks what you did. He becomes hopeless. Abhishek says we arrested on the case of Alia. Roohi comes and asks for Ishimaa. Simmi says Raman is in tension.

Roohi says I have a thing that will make Raman happy. Raman talks on the phone. Roohi goes to him. Roohi gives him sweets. She says she has solved one problem and she went to Mr Singhal as Roohan and everyone were happy. She says Mr. Singhal has promised that he will not trouble Ishita and Raman for this project.

Raman says this is why Daughters are good but Sons make us embarrass. Roohi asks what happened. Raman tells Aadi has confessed that he did all this with Alia and he is in jail. Roohi becomes shocked and cries. She tells that Aadi did not tell anything at hypnotherapist session. Raman asks what happened.

Aadi asks why are you doing this Ishimaa. He gets angry and says Ishimaa has not done this. Aadi says I am the culprit. Ishita says no I have done this. Abhishek says why I will hear you that when I was asking then you said that he did not do anything. Aadi says that was he was telling a lie.  Raman and Roohi ask what is happening.

Abhishek says we have arrested Ishita and she took the blame on herself. Abhishek says you cannot meet Ishita and this is our plan to take out truth from Aadi. Abhishek asks not to worry. Roohi says let’s go to a hypnotherapist. Ananya sits at the breakfast table and everybody becomes busy in things. She cries that everybody is busy

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