After AdultFriendFinder, Cheating Site Ashley Madison hacked

According to a post by security expert Brian Krebs on July 18, 2015, famous cheating site Ashley Madison with 37 million users has been hacked, and the hackers are now threatening full release of information.

Reports said that large caches of data was stolen from the website and published online, according to Brian Krebs- a security expert.

More than 37 million people use the site, also known as the world’s leading “married dating service”.

Ashley Madison hacked

If you have been cheating on your spouse on Ashley Madison, you may stand the chance of ruining your marriage after the hack!

The hackers have reported claimed to have compromised financial records, user databases and other medical information stored by Avid Life Media (ALM)- a Toronto-based company that owns companies including Ashley Madison and Cougar Life.

The hackers have named themselves as The Impact Team and claimed to hold many company bank account details, customer records and other kinds of details like employee salaries.

They also threatened to release the complete data hacked by them unless the website and all the sister concerns are shut.

In the meanwhile, Avid Life Media (ALM) has released a statement where it has apologized for the intrusion into customer information and termed the hacking as ‘unprovoked’ and ‘criminal’. The report also said that ALM is among the many companies subject to cyber vandalism.

It was not very long ago that a hacker accessed and released the data from AdultFriendFinder and released the $3.9 million customer data online in May this year.

The hacker then had given all possible details, including ZIP codes and birthdays of users along with interests in extramarital affairs.

Impact Team’s manifesto also said that Avid Life Media is lying to customers and charging them $19 service for deleting their profiles, when there is no “full delete” feature.

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