‘Agents of S.H.I.L.D’ Season 4: Latest Promo Images From Upcoming Episodes 4th!


S.H.I.E.L.D is going through some really major changes right now .daisy’s look is changed a lot and  the agents are no more underground. The 4th season  of ” the agents of shield” is going to be a shade darker .well that’s  so obvious that with every season it gets only better and amazing.

In the interview of all the actors of this series we do get to know about the coming up season a little bit .their is a new director in the shield so as asked from Gregg and Simmons they both joke about the new director of SHIELD. After the civil war, it’s clear that the world knows there is metahuman present in between them and so they need a government agency to deal with them. But SHIELD has never been a government organisation. yet Coulson felt like a part of the bureaucracy , but he always been the agent of shield said, Gregg.


In this series, as revealed by Gregg that daisy had gotten her Quake powers down and it’s really hard to track her .while all this was going on the mark and Coulson bonded in season 3 and now have respect for each other.

Daisy in this season has a very dramatic transformation after the breakdown of her powers, her new look is dark and dramatic by this transformation she is really not happy and just to protect  others she is keeping her distance from everyone because she feels like bad things are happening around her.

The entry of ghost Rider makes things interesting for hamstring that how Simmons is going to deal with the situation given how she’d react to inhuman in the past. Bennet said all the crazy stuff in the past has been explained by science if she’s interested in seeing how Simmons will explain how Ghost Rider has his skull lit on fire, yet is still fine ?.

As daisy is not herself right now so she will be seen abusing both her powers and her body in this season. Fitz and Simmons are in a relationship on which not much is revealed.

And of course, there is a really big change in the relationship of Fitzsimmons before they both were really shy and now they are quite opened up now. its also quite clear that daisy doesn’t want to be found

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