Agents Of SHIELD Season 4 Episode 6 Review & Episode 7 Spoilers


While the whole show is wondering about the debut of Ghost rider in the show and the unfolding mystery of him with the passing episodes. This week’s episode will going to count the transformation of Robby Reyes as the ‘Ghost Rider’, while if this is no enough for the fans.

The Jeffrey Mace will going to plan some hardcore action and will going to reveal some more secrets about the Darkhold. In the last episode, we come to know that Simmons has managed to turn down the director Jeffrey Mace and got out of having all the major detection tests of his lies.


While he is quite sure that she is hiding something from him and while planning for getting her back by sending her on a very top secret mission. But the things should remain secret and he shouldn’t tell her where she will be going to. While the reason which is being given to her was for a noble cause and to get a better grip on the humans which is very much needed, but the things which she hates the most is that she has to wear a hood over her head for this mission.

The real reason for her going on this mission could have something to do with the secret deal Mace had to make with the evil Senator Nadeer. The things went bad when these three which are Daisy, grace, and Robbie Reyes’s brother showed up to board the Zephyr one and ended up inside an inhuman containment unit.


The things started to unfold when Robbie Borrow’s uncle Eli’s car and while doing the street racing for money. Gabe ended up while sitting next to him when the car got turned over, after getting shot by a gang. Then from nowhere a good Samaritan comes there and pulls him out, while after some time he sees him moving.

This is a very good news until they come to know that the good Samaritan was actually a ‘Devil’. Then he tells that  When Robbie was thrown from the car and flying through the air, he begged God, the universe, and anyone that would listen to save his brother. When he landed, he did die.

The devil came to him in a leather jacket with a flaming skull and asked Robbie if he wanted to hurt those that harmed his brother. Then when they stay in the custody Robbie gets the blame for killing a prison inmate. While Coulson tries to explain things to him as Robbie is only interested in finding his uncle which is being taken away by Lucy.

Then Robbie starts eating director after breaking the prison with his inhuman strength.
Then things will going to get Through major flashbacks, as we will going to find out Lucy’s husband, Joe, when he became obsessed with the Darkhold book. It turns out that Joe hired the thugs that shot Robbie and Gabe, with Eli as the intended target. Eli wanted the book from Joe. Eli turned the others into ghosts and beat Joe into a coma when trying to get the location of the Darkhold.

He claimed he wanted to destroy the evil book but really wanted the power of a god for himself from the book. The show will going to answer many great answers this Tuesday 10|9c.

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