Airtel Cut Its 4G Internet Price By Up To 80% Due To Reliance Jio Effect

Airtel Cut Its 4G Internet Price By Up To 80% Due To Reliance Jio Effect

India is one of the fastest growing and developing country which sometimes leads to a very stiff competition because the growing challenges and upgrades which is launched or revealed time to time. This is what seems to be happening in the case of Airtel and Reliance case, the two of the most leading brands and with the highest markets share are doing whatever they can to maintain their value and glory in the market. The latest revealed tech upgrade by Reliance which is Jio the sim which will go to provide the user with free of Internet data, free calling and free messaging (SMS).

Airtel Cut Its 4G Internet Price By Up To 80% Due To Reliance Jio Effect

This is one of the biggest revelation until now by the Reliance which is having a bad time since very long but with this latest upgrade, they have marked the market with their legacy and valor after a very long time. This has seriously changed all the market strategy and made another big brand like Airtel to slash their prices up to 80%, this is one of the most shocking and biggest decision by the Bharti Airtel Ltd till now. The charge of Internet surfing by Reliance is brought down to INR.51 per GB under this special package.

The official statement which is given by Airtel which states that to avail this benefit, Airtel customers will have to recharge with INR Rs.1,498 against which they will get 1GB of 4G or 3G internet Data which will be valid for 28 days. The special offer will go to start its work post-ending the time period fo the 1GB limit and after that the user will be availed with 1GB of 3G or 4G Internet service which will be priced only at INR Rs.51 over a period of 12 months, this statements adding that there will be no limit or foundations in the recharge during the prescribed time period.

The current price  for the same amount of Data of Internet is around INR Rs.259 for 1Gb of 3G or 4G data which is valid only for 28 days. There are certain assumptions and chances that the company will also reveal a new offer in which the company will get 1GB of 4G data over a period of 6 months for only INR Rs.99. There are so many competitors in the Internet Surfing Data provider market right now and they all are so giving new and more innovative ideas every day which will have the lowest of the price and most of the commodity.

This idea of providing nd slashing prices of the Data by Airtel is soon to be followed by Idea Cellular and Vodafone who are also trying their best to secure their rising market share in the market which is depleting because of this special and limited offers

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