Akshay Kumar’s Film Rustom 1st Day Collection Great Opening On The Box Office


Bollywood is known for its exceptional ideas and unmatched efforts in transforming real incidents and stories amazingly into a movie. ‘Rustom’ is one of the greatest examples of that creativity, the movie which is about an Indian crime-mystery movie written by Vipul K Rawa; and is directed by Tinu Suresh Desai. The movie is featuring Akshay Kumar and Illeana D’cruz as the lead roles in this exceptional movie. The movie is based on the real-life events of Naval Officer K.M Nanavati.


The movie Rustom is a naval officer who is married to a girl named as Cynthia which is portrayed by Illeana D’Cruz, the marriage is against the officer’s father wishes. All the things were going amazingly when Rustom was away on a trip for his work. Cynthia who is becoming desperate at home comes into illegal and unwanted relationship with Rustom’s friend Vikram being played by Arjan Bajwa. When custom comes back and gets to knows about all this, he gets furious and angry over all these happenings. he goes to the house of Vikram to confront him about all this, then suddenly news came about the sudden death of Vikram. All the eye-witnesses are pointing Rustom for the murder but there were no hard evidence and proofs to prove him of this murder. The movie is all about this murder and one of the toughest cases to be solved by the Indian institution till that time.

The movie is having a great story but the suspense factor of the movie is what the audience is expecting most. The trailer of the movie has got an amazing response from the audience and has created a lot of buzz among the social sites about this movie. The movie songs are also very much appreciated by viewers and this also helped the movie to gain it’s good reviews for the movie.

The movie is all out and is getting a good response from the audience. Stay tuned for recent and latest updates about the Bollywood’s latest released movies.

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