American Horror Story: ‘Roanoke’ Season 6 ‘Chapter 3’ Recap & Reviews


American horror story this season 6 turned out to be a supernatural mystery. American Horror Story is an American anthology horror television series created and produced by Ryan murphy and Brad Falchuk. The release date of the series is September 28, 2016.

There are no scares as such in this episode of American Horror Story. No true horror is there in the series. American Horror Story is well received by television, majority of praise going to the cast. critics But a lot of information can be drawn from chapter 3. Characters are enacting in a way making things more interesting. The whole tale in the hindsight was told by Lee, Shelby, and Matt. They know how it all ended in front of cameras. It is presumed that Lee knows all.

roanoke-3She has to talk in past tense to relive the trauma. It is to answer that what helped chapter 3 to overcome many of the haunted houses tropes from last week.

Despite all this , Roanoke gave us much more than a haunted house story. Overall score of the show American Horror Story is good. Trailer of chapter3, season 6 episode has been released. In the end of the episode , possessed Matt bedded a hillbilly woman in woods and Shelby turned Lee over to the cop.

roanoke-2It is confirmed that Shelby , Matt, and Lee are all alive and are able to speak. It only could be concluded that Shelby and Matt have no legs. Mason is gone now. Those who don’t appear on camera are putting a big question. Are they dead?  Mason never popped up to explain his side of the story.

Flora’s vanishing act is also solved. She is in possession of ghost colonists playing with Priscilla or something else. The question is how to get her back. Shelby is somewhat mad, as one can think after watching the first two episodes of the series.

roanokeOverall there is no such child that Roanoke can give us, still it is more than just a haunted house story this week. Leslie Jordan appears as Psychic willing to help to get Flora after getting his fee.He tells the tale of Kathy Bates as cruel and conniving butcher. This week there was a lot more pig stuff and all. Fate of three heroes in the series is still unpredictable.

They all are alive and recounting their stories. It’s to see how much they are affected. A big twist is expected in the season 6 of American Horror Story. American Horror Story season 6 kicks off on Wednesday.

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