“Amma Kanakku” Review & Rating Public Response Box Office Collection (Hit or Flop)

Amma Kanakku

A movie which connects with the audience and which shows the real and true story about the suffering of the humans and struggle they do to achieve success or to make their family members happy.

Tollywood movies production is very great and they try and produce movie in every genre and gives their est performance in every single role they try. A same movie has come which features the story of two people who when try to fight with the society, but due to lack of support and aids which every family needs to grow and enrich in the society lacks.

Amma Kanakku

The daughter tells to her mother to stop caring about his studies and let her leave her studies because of their low profile and lack of money, But the mother and daughter duo tries their best, but due to the lacking of daughter concentration over studies make the mother worried abut his future and leads him to study on his own and become an inspiration for others to seek in further, The women who was once a worker and then turned to be a maid and got a very helpful and caring owner.

Her owner turns up to help in doing so and takes her to school and make arrangements for her further studies and the whole movie has became an inspiration for those who when faced by challenges in life gets worried and shows their incapability   in doing any further to survive and either commit suicide or take wrong ways to survive in the society.

The star-cast of the movie is Amala paul, Revathi Menon and P.Samuthirakani in a very strong role with the strong will of the actors to show their best performance to achieve their most in this movie and have given their one of the best performance. The directeor of this movie Ashwini Iyer Tiwari has given his whole experience to give it the best shot for life.

A movie is very important in the society because it is seen by many and can be source of influence for lots of people who will going to see the movie. the idea and basic story of the movie came to life in November 2015, when Ashwini Iyer Tiwari agreed terms to direct a remake of her Hindi film, Nil Battey Sannata which is very famous hindi movie and made it in Tamil, for producers Dhanush and Anand L. Rai. Dhanush had been shown a preview of the film by Rai, during a visit to Mumbai in September 2015 and the duo chose to co-produce the film, with Ashwini Iyer retained as director

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