An ‘All Glass’ iPhone To be launched in 2017

An ‘All Glass’ iPhone will be launched in 2017

A report from 9to5Mac states that Apple will no longer have and use the aluminum design and instead is moving to a more modern, all-glass enclosure.

Not only designed for an elegant look, but it will also have an AMOLED display which makes it lighter and thinner.

The AMOLED is believed to help balance the increase in weight of the gadget but it will also improve battery performance. It is also rumored to have a higher quality of images in this now model.

The upcoming iPhone 7 would have a screen size of 4.7  inches and will include the latest in wireless charging. They are also planning to remove the headphone jack as well. Its touchscreen display will also have a built-in Touch ID.

Additional rumored features of the iPhone 7 include a dual-camera system. This is a technology that can be used to improve photos. The best part is its potential of allowing the user to take 3D photos.

Reports also pointed out that Apple might still utilize the same iPhone design while saving it’s really big and major makeover for 2017.

Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI previously mentioned that iPhone shipments may fall below 200 million units in 2016.

He also believed that the new glass iPhone, which might be soon dubbed as iPhone 7, may have lower sales compared to the latest iPhones namely iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s Plus.

In recent news, the iPhones and the iPhone watches are considered to have a 3-year shelf life according to Apple.

The Apple TV in the other hand is considered to have a shelf life of four years. The number of years given is expected to be in accord with the company’s plans and strategies.  Apple has a distinct schedule for roll outs of operating system updates for their range of devices as well as hardware updates that enable replacement of older models with newer versions.

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