An Exercise That Reduce The Risk of Death, Said Study

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In today’s world when people are more conscious toward their health and engaged themselves in yoga, exercise and gym to keep their body fit and to lead a healthy life.

According to ‘Weekend Warriors’ one or two sessions of exercise in a week can reduce the risk of death in comparison to those lazy people who exercise more often in whole week, said the new study.

The study revealed that group of the people of take at least one or two sessions of exercise doesn’t only keep their body fit and healthy, infect it also cut the risk of death in compare to people who don’t take any exercise sessions and don’t exercise at all.

The health researcher at George Washington University (GWU), Hannah Arem said, “If someone is completely inactive, the best thing they can do is even getting out and taking a walk,” she added that many people who thinks exercise will not help them and don’t have enough time for exercise session the result of this new study which shows that exercise cuts the risk of death is “encouraging or perhaps motivating.”

However, there is no contribution of her in the study. Even though, she wrote a description of the study which was publish along with the result of the study in  JAMA Internal Medicine on Monday.

Here we present you a key points of study:

  1. Exercise that enough for us-

The U.S. and global guideline suggest moderate exercise for 150 minutes while vigorous exercise for 75 minutes every week without skipping the exercise sessions. This suggestion is based on many different studies and result to reduce the risk of premature death.

2. Method of study-

The study is based on a surveys  that taken by trained and skilled interviewers. Researchers of  Loughborough University, England conducted the survey on around  64,000 adults in Scotland and England during the time period of 1994 to 2008 in which 8,802 people died. The two groups of people were divided on the basis on their exercise habits. There were 63 percent of people who followed inactive exercise while the data shows there were 11 percent of people who followed regular exercise. Weekend warriors were on 4 percent with one or two sessions of exercise in a week and 22 percent of people who followed insufficiently active exercise.

3. Result-

The researchers found less risk of death in weekend worrier and insufficient exercisers by around 30 percent while the researchers found that exercise on daily basis could reduce the risk of the death even more by 35 percent.

However, these activities reduce the risk of heart problems by 40 percent in comparison to the people who don’t exercise at all.

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