Android Vs iOS, Android Dominant Indian Market With 97% Shares

Android vs iOS

Android is leading the Indian smart phone market in OS competition. The research firm Strategy Analytics showed that Android has raised to whoping 97.1% share in seconf quarter of 2016. Whereas the same figure was of 90% last year of season quarter.

Android vs iOS

Total 23.2 million smartphones were shipped in india in season quarter of 2015. On the other, this year in the season quarter of 2016 total 29.8 million smartphone were shipped in India. If we included this reports with the other OS’s like iOS, JAVA, etc. them total 25.8 million smartphone shipped in the country in seacond quarter of 2015. On the other side, total 30.7 million of smartphone shipped in the country during second quarter of 2016.

Android’s Indian smartphone operating sytem marketshare was 90% in Q2 2015 which growed to the impressive marketshare of 97.1% in Q2 2016. As reported by Strategy Analytics.

With these stats Android is maintaining it’s first position in Indian market like last year. It is clear from the stats that Android is leading in India and looks unbeatable right now.

On the other hand iOS shares in India halved from the last year from 2.4% to 4.5%. In Q2 2015 1.2 million iOS smartphone shipped in India which came down to .8 million in Q2 of 2016. It is clear that if Apple wants to survive in India market then it needs to reduce the pricing of iPhone to a cheaper level. Also it need to increase it’s retail presence with more Apple stores and should use online marketing. There are surely many Indians who desired to have an iPhone but can’t only because of it’s high price.

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