Angelina Jolie’s More Serious Allegations On Brad Pitt, Blocks Him From Everywhere After Filling Divorce


As one of the biggest news which is going on right now about the divorce of Angeline Jolie and Brad Pitt, their marriage which is not very older and has completed only around two years is not getting any solution to their personal issues and they decided seriously to gave away their relation and will be going to take divorce.

This news has been the buzz for a very long time, but the spark took place when both the lawyers of the parties have started blaming each other for the reason behind the divorce. The new and latest news which as been confirmed about them is that they will not going to face any major issues for their divorce and will go to do-up all the things at once without marking any lagging in the decision. The buzz for not getting a great understanding since the very first day of their marriage and all the big buzzing channels have been waiting for official confirmation of this news.

brad-pitt-angelina-jolie-picsThe couple has almost 12 properties together, of which 7 is of Brad Pitt and 2 is of Angelina Jolie and the left 3 is brought after they get into this relation which was in 2014.

The news for the 3 left is still unclear that who will get how much from the left three properties, the three properties include a vineyard in France, a Mansion in New Orleans and an Apartment in NY, but the twisting news is that there will be a prenup which will make divvying that up to small.

There are so many speculations about the custody of the six children will be given to whom. Angelina too denies to make any connection with her estranged husband and now she has chosen to not making any contact with her at all and will never again and she too blocked him from everywhere, all this news has seriously hurt the 52 year old very renown actor Pitt and he has been completely devastated with this divorce, she is also not believing this decision that Angelina has thrown him out of her life. This news has become one of the biggest sensation throughout the internet and social media.

angelina-jolieWhile Brad is still in shock that she would have done this without even giving him notice. She has just filed a case against him just before the closing of court on Monday night and she comes without any lawyer, totally alone.

angelina-jolie-brad-pittBrad can still try to take down all the problems and will found every possible method to work out the problems, and the news has been confirmed by his friend. He is also very much worried about the kids and who will get the responsibility of the kids.

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