Anika And Other Girls Go For Visarjan! Ishqbaaz 25th September 2016 Written Update Gossips

Anika says sorry to Sahil. Shivay says why are you sad Rudra. He asks him to have food. Rudra feeds Shivay. Shivay says call Om also. Shivay gets a call and he goes. Saumya comes to Rudra and asks you are upset. She says yes you are eating junk food. Saumya asks what will happen now. Rudra says I will not give you food.

rudraSaumya says I am  talking about Tez. Rudra says ok take half noodles. He asks what were you wanted to tell. Shivay says what you mean and why they cannot come to the home. Shivay says they have to stay at the police station and I will take them tomorrow. Om says may be proof is strong.

Janvi says media will create an issue. Shivay says who is behind all this. Om says yes we have to think as a girl died and blame is in the family. Rudra says yes if they were guilty then why they kept that cd. Shivay says I have to get them here. Sahil wakes up. Anika asks how are you feeling now. Sahil says I am better.

He starts saying that he will take a selfie with Ganpati. Priyanka asks Anika if she can come to home as Shivay denied to go in visarjan. Sahil says go there. Shivay shouts that I cannot go as I have many problems. Om says this is a tradition and we promises that we will give every hospitality to Ganpati.

Shivay says we always did visarjan with Tez and Shakti. Then how can we do this? Tia says please understand and universe wanted them to go to police station. Shivay says this is nonsense. Dadi asks why are you so angry if Oberoi’s name is not able to take them out. Shivay says yes.

He says I will not be the part of visarjan. Pinky says to leave it he is stubborn. Anika asks if she can help her. Dadi says yes go and talk to Shivay. Tia becomes upset. Saumya goes to Dadi and Says everything will be fine. Dadi smiles and says Bappa will do everything correct. Tia says why you asked Anika to talk to Shivay and he is so angry and this will not be good.

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