Anil Kapoor’s 24 Season 2 4th September 2016 Episode: A Shocking Twist In The Tale!

Twenty Four gets a huge success in its second season too. The story going with a great suspense. The show featured many great celebs of Indian cinemas which take the show to an another level. The story is moving around Jai. The last episode starts with Roshan and Haroon gets happy when Dhruv calls Roshan. Roshan tells a lie to Haroon that Dhruv is ready for 2000 crores.

24 season 2

Haroon gets happier at this. Jai get to know about the deal and informs Shivani for the same. Jai leaves with Haroon to meet Kamat. Zara feels guilty for misunderstanding Jai. Then Prithvi  gets tensed and says that I get a news that the deadly virus gets released. Dr. Mehta then tells about the virus to everyone and shows them a video about the same. Everyone gets stunned at this.

Then after Naina gets tensed about Aditya and calls Shinde. She blackmails him and says that I know many secrets of your past. She says that I can reveal your secrets if you torture Aditya. Shinde gets stunned and asks his assistant to follow Naina and find what she knows. Dr. Mehta and everyone thinks about to make a vaccination for the virus. They then say that it will  take many years. Aditya says that we have to find a solution for the problem anyhow.

Jai, Roshan, and Haroon goes to meet Dhruv. Jai ask about Meher and him says that she had lefty and  don’t want to meet you. He then transfer 1000 crores and Haroon checks the transaction. Roshan then points the gun at Jai and says that I had known about this. He says that would have done this before. Kamat enters there with his team and asks them  to surrender. Jai and Haroon stab at each other. The show then takes another turn when Dhruv lefts and Jai calls Gyan and says that it’s important to catch Dhruv to find Meher.

Then Haroon and Kamat gets died there. Roshan shouts and cries. The warehouse then gets a blast. Siddharth asks about Kamat to Arif. Arif informed about Kamat’s death. Roshan let a man wear his jacket to show that he had died in the blast. Siddharth thinks that Roshan is also gets killed in the blast. Aditya and Prithvi ask Naina that what did he say to Shinde.

Naina tells them everything and gets happy to get their call. Maya then sees the goons and says that this is the great way to reach ATU. Dhruv gets shocked to see the cops following him. He then gets into the jungle and starts running seeing Jai there. Jai asks him to stop and then shot at him.

In today’s episode, we are going to see Roshan gets fumes and says that Jai had cheated on me. He asks Naina that what did exactly going in your mind. Shantaram takes and entry and says that I will reveal Shindey’s truth. Aditya gets tensed and says that we have to make a vaccination for the virus soon. Shivani feels strange when she sees someone coming from ATU. Stay tuned for more updates and gossips of Twenty Four like this.


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