Anil Kapoor’s 24 Season 2 Another Thrilling Episode Is Going To Air Today On Colors 25th September 2016

In the last episode of Twenty Four we had seen, Jai is crying at Shivani and looks at her pick with Kabir. Roshan then threatens him and ask to wake up. He then informs him that he had sent the code to your phone. Jai leaves crying. Aditya tells about the situation to Vedant and Vedant cries at this. Aditya then calls Jai and  says that now we have to catch Roshan at any cost.

24-anil-kapoorRaj gets worried for the people in the hotels and tells about their situation to Veer. Veer then says that we have to the way by yourself and says that maybe Dr. Dixit will get the recovery somehow. Then Natasha comes to them and says that she had suspected a boy who was roaming around her. Veer collects the information about that boy and informs about the same to ATU.

Mihir gets a call from Raj who informs him about the same boy and says that we have to catch him anyhow as he will infect other people too. Siddharth gets ready for the same and gets worried to see Jai there. Jai tells them what did Shivani says in her last moments and thinks on. Siddharth gets shocked at this and starts scolding Jai. He says that we all thought that if Shivani is going with you then you can’t let anything happen to her but we all are wrong. Vedant come there and tries to console Siddharth.

Vedant consoles Jai and Jai ask him about Dhruv. He then tells him that Dhruv doesn’t get affected by the virus and it means that it has a vaccination too. On the other side, Veer is collecting the fingerprints. Siddharth comes to the team of ATU and informed them about Shivani’s death. Antara and Naira are sitting together and talks about Shindey and the media channel. Antara is sad and felt cry recalling Shindey.

Siddharth then talks to Devyaani and she says that you can’t take me like this. She says that I am so sure about Dhruv and now I only say that you can arrest me if you don’t trust. Siddharth informs her that Dhruv knows about the vaccination and it is the only way to save many peoples who are suffering from the aid. She then talks to Soumya and Soumya gets to agree to help them both. Soumya then messages Dhruv and says that I will inform him if will reply to it. On the other

On the other side Roshan is dealing with some foriegn traders to sell the virus tubes. Devyaani then goes to Dhruv to convince him to save people’s life who are dying in the hotel. In the hotel Dr. Dixit tells about the situation to Veer and says that it is turning to the worst. Veer then says him to give suicide pills to everyone so that they can get an easy death. Jai and Siddhant are looking for Anjali’s file and recalling Shivani’s words. Jai gets the file and says that i have to finish which Shivani aimed to.

Jai then goes to Maya to get some information about Anjali. Maya tells that she knows the girls from the long. Jai then threatens her to get arrested and she says that you need an arrest warrant for that. Jai tries to make her understand and then shows her the document. Maya then tells the whole story and informes him about the location where Roshan might be hided. Vedant and Jai then reached to that place and aimed at Roshan.

In today’s episode we are going to see Zaara tells about the suspected girl and her location. Devyani informs Aditya that she had gone to the hotel to find the truth. Aditya gets worried for her. Bomik come and apologise to Devyani to doubt on her. She then gets collides with him and his suits breaks. Now it will be inetersting to see that how the truth gets revealed and did Jai ables catch Roshan. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Twenty Four like this.


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