Anil Kpoor’s 24 Season 2 Watch 11th September 2016 Episode: What Will Be Jai’s Next Move?

The last episode of 24 starts with  Roshan, who had reached to Harbour and meet Chang there. Chang says that I can’t believe Jai can do this and takes Roshan with him. Siddharth and Shivani get much tensed about the virus which Roshan had. Shivani says that we have to catch him soon. A dealer of drugs comes to meet them both. On the other had Roy thinks to punish Jai and tells the same to Abhilasha.

Jai tries to make them understand but they taunt him for his faults. Jai says that he just wants to win Haroon’s trust and that’s why he freed Roshan. Abhilasha says that you just do wrong and now we are not going to trust you anymore. Roshan fixes the deal with the drug dealer and the dealer say that the virus will get spread till tomorrow morning. After that, Prithvi tells Aditya that commissioner is about to come  and says that this hard day will go to be end soon. Devyani comes to meet Aditya.


Roy and Abhilasha keep on arguing with Jai. Naina and Khosla makes a plan to caught Shinde. Naina calls Antara and says that only she can save her. She then tells Antara that she is coming to her house to tell her about the plan. Chopra beats Dhruv hard and asks him, to tell the truth. Then Shivani says to put him in Kush’s lockup.

Abhilasha keeps on taunting Jai and ask him that how Roshan gets escaped from there. Jai tries to make her understand but she just doesn’t want to hear anything and ask Jai to accept his fault. The scientist shifts the virus and the drug dealer ask for his money. Roshan calls someone and says to transfer money.Siddhant then goes to Maya and says that what relation did you have with Jai. She says that we love each other and I am working for him, not for Haroon. Siddhant strangulates her and asks her to say the truth.

Dhruv gets shocked when Shivani tell the man to put him in the infected room. He acts to be dizzy and takes a scissor. Roshan transfers the money and says that I want the virus to be released in one hour. He tells the same to Chang and Chang gets agree by him. Dhruv tries to escape when Veer shoots him. Jai checks him and says that he is alive and then ask that what is actually going there. Then Jai asks Abhilasha to let him go as it is really important for him to catch Jai. Siddhant allows him to go and Abhilasha fumes at this.

Chang and the drug dealer are on the way. The drug dealer confesses that he had befooled  Roshan to get the money. He then asks Chang  to work with him. Roshan then gets angry knowing that the drug dealer had cheated him. He calls him and ask him to complete the task soon. He then  shots at some men angrily. Shivani and Jai enter in the pub and shoots at Roshan. Jai then asks Balraj about the drugs and gets shocked to know that the tubes become 6 again. Jai tells the same to Siddhant and then check the laptop. He gets to know about the first location and says that people’s life is in our hands now.

In today’s episode, we are going to see, Jai asks Balraj about Roshan again and again. Balraj didn’t tell him anything and Jai keeps on scolding him. The virus gets spread in the hotel. Naina goes to Antara and says that I will kill Shinde. She asks her to put the phone in his room. Antara gets tensed when Shinde comes to her. Gyan and Veer go to the hotel and gets shocked. Now it will be interesting to see did Jai can save the people or not. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of 24 Season 2 like this.

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