Ann Maria Kalippilaanu 1st & 2nd Day Box Office Collection Total Earnings

Ann Maria Kalippilaanu

Ann Maria Kalippilaanu is the another Malyalam film which was released on 5th August 2016 and had good response from the audience all over the India. Ann Maria Kalippilaanu have a simple and soft story which includes a way to the life of children so their is not that much buzz among the audience for the film. Ann Maria Kalippilaanu is directed by the very talented and the well known for the Tollywood film industry Midhun Manuel Thomas and penned by John Mathrichal. They had done a great job in the film and made the film more interesting by their amazing work.

Ann Maria Kalippilaanu

The trailer of Ann Maria Kalippilaanu was released few days back on the various social media platforms and on YouTube and had attracted a large number of audience towards it, but doesn’t got that much success in fetching the attention of the audience towards the film as the story of Ann Maria Kalippilaanu is not much interesting. Their is a low traffic for the film in the theaters as the people wants something interesting which is filled with more twists and turns and spices in it. But here in Ann Maria Kalippilaanu the story is  so simple which becomes a drawback for the film.

Ann Maria Kalippilaanu is featuring more of the amazing stars of the Tollywood film industry which includes Baby Sara, Sunny Wayne and Aju Varghese in the main leading roles of the film. They all did so well on the box office and had collected a good response from the audience worldwide. Sunny Wayne is one of the amazing star of the Tollywood film industry and had done so well in the film by their amazing acting and the expressions. The story of film revolves around the school kid and her bonding and relation with a fraudster. The music of Ann Maria Kalippilaanu is already out and had attracted a large number of listeners towards it.

The music of  Ann Maria Kalippilaanu is already have lots of downloads within few days of the release of the songs. As the songs of  Ann Maria Kalippilaanu has a touchy and emotional music which just got viral in the music world and on the various social media sites. All the related music of Ann Maria Kalippilaanu is composed by Shaan Rahman. Ann Maria Kalippilaanu is produced by Alice George under the banner of Goodwill Entertainments. The story of Ann Maria Kalippilaanu revolves around a doctor couple and their daughter.

A 4th grader girl who get into an unusual relation with Gireesh. The story of Ann Maria Kalippilaanu is not that much impressive and interesting. And even Ann Maria Kalippilaanu is in a tough competition with the recenly released films on the big screens and that’s puts a bad impact to the collections of the film. Ann Maria Kalippilaanu had done an average collection on the box office and had collected about Rs. 0.68 cr. on the very first day of its release which was so low. Its the 2nd day of the film and it had collected about Rs. 0.47 cr. on the box office. For more to know about the film stay tuned with us.

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