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‘Antibirth’ a movie which is going to release today is having a very thrilling and spine chilling story in it, the movie which is based on a very strange happening which happened.

The story resembles from a very small town Michigan, where a very hard-partying and rocking stoner girl Lou which is being played by Natasha Lyonne, lives on and she is having no tension at all about herself or anyone around her. One morning when she wakes-up she finds something very strange about body and experience bizarre symptoms. Her friend, Sadie which is being played by Chloe Sevigny assumes that she is pregnant and is not revealing this thing to her.


The biggest thing which is shocking is that she hasn’t done anything with anyone which makes her pregnant. The confirmation of her situation and consequences was later confirmed by Lorna which is being played by Meg Tilly and all her conspiracies and stories of bizarre kidnappings around the town begin to spread very fastly. The things are starting to get worse as she is losing her consciousness and her grip over the reality and she is becoming more and more distorted with the time being passed.

The story is being liked by the viewers in the trailer is the most expected element which will going to make the movie go further on the box-office and make it run for a long time. The movie somehow got mixed response from the critics and reviews were too the same positive but not so much impressive. The movie has already got a world Tv premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on 25th January, 2016 shortly after IFC midnight acquired the distribution rights of the movie and the movie is going to release on a limited and through video on demand on 2 September, 2016.

The movie somehow is expected to have a very good opening day because of the story which is being portrayed in the movie and the hype which was created through the trailer which shows the exceptional acting skills of Natasha Lyonne is far the best performance given by her, it was also quotted at the time of premiere of the movie at the Sundance that the performance of the characters in the movie is exceptional somehow the movie’s story gets mixed up sometimes in  between the scenes otherwise the movie is expecting to get a great response from the audience on the very first day.

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