Apple iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus Prices Leaked Before Its Launch Event

Apple iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus Prices Leaked Before Its Launch Event

The newest of the Flagship handset which is also one the most expected one is soon going to launch and all the media invitations is out, the major decision of Apple Inc. for holding this special event is now totally and officially confirmed with giving out the events detail and everything you need to know about this upcoming event. The event which is scheduled for 7th September, 2016 and after numerous leaks and rumours have taken place all the assumptions will soon be clarified by the Apple Officials on this date.

Apple iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus Prices Leaked Before Its Launch Event

The recent reports have confirmed that the seventh version of the iPhone generation will be expected in three variants which are based according to their storage capacity, basically 32GB, 128GB and the 256GB which are expected to have a price range between CNY 5288 for the 32GB, CNY 5288 for the 128GB version and CNY 7088 for the 256GB version. The prices for the iPhone 7 Plus which is upgraded and bigger version which costs about CNY 6088 for the 32Gb, CNY 6888 for the 128GB version and the 7888 for the 256Gb version. The event will be taking place at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco on Wednesday, September 7, at 10am local time, (6pm BST).

The invitation to creates so many anticipations for the guests who are going to join the event and some of these are below:

1. The translucent coloured dots outlines the very above portion of the Apple logo which may relate to the rumours that Apple is planning to introduce some new and impressive colour shades in the headphones.
2. The out-of-focus effect which is highlighted throughout the invitation is known as the Bokeh, this effect is used especially by a phone’s camera, this effect seriously suggests the upcoming upgrade in the smartphone’s camera lens.
3. There is little focus in highlighting and making the people assume that the newest smartphone of Apple will be waterproof.

Numerous iPhone pics have been making way towards the viewers regarding the changes and all the upgrades which the smartphone has done to seriously smash the competition all around and for once.

The headphone socket which is removed from the smartphone is quite impressive and makes the users think again before buying the smartphone. The reason is because there is no official statement regarding the launch of AirPods from the Apple which will go to accompany the Apple in the race for becoming the next king of the world and stay there for longer time.

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