Apple recalls blurry iPhone 6 Plus cameras

The news came from Apple, the brand leader in intelligent, smart phones that there is a flaw in the camera in some of the iPhone 6 plus smartphone..

Though only a limited numbers of handsets are affected by this fault, The Company announced that iPhone 6 that were manufactured between the period of September 2014 to January 2015 have this flaws.

Apple said that it was a problem due to the manufacturing defect. The defect is with the rear I shift cameras, and the company plans to fix this consumer product for the eligible handsets for free.

Moreover, details of the defects reveal that the photos appear to be blurry. The failure of one of the components inside the handset handles the flaw.

Apple iPhone 6

The company made a notice for the consumer stating that the defected handsets can be submitted at the authorised Apple store for investigation. A prior investigation of the defected handsets by the service provider is required for eligibility for a replacement program.

Apple is also providing support on the web for the iPhone 6 consumers. The owners of the handset can log onto the official website and key in the serial number of their handsets and check if their phones are a defective one. The web support also has all the necessary information on the eligibility for the replacement program.

Apple ensured its customers that all the technical support regarding the faulty I sight camera would be entertained through the authorised Apple service providers and centres.

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