Apple’s ‘iPhone 8’ Most Awaited Upcoming Smartphone Leaks, Rumors & Revelations Till Now!


As all the news and rumors have started to take place just after the release of the Apple iPhone 7 and is having a very great and exceptional response for the smartphone except for some very noticeable changes in the device, otherwise the device will be called a full-fledged with all the possible upgrades and latest hi-fi updates which will surely go to tempt anyone.

While the latest version which is the 7th generation of the iPhone 7 is out, the rumors for the 8th generation have started to take place but still there are no official statement or confirmation about the next upcoming device which will go to get the title for most awaited from now. So now the apple is getting so many news and confirmation about their still awaiting device, so let’s start with some of the rumors.

The very first rumor which is taking place is that Apple will going to bring a very thrilling change in the built of the device and it is very much expected that the device will go to be having a stunning new design for the upcoming iPhone 8, and it is reportedly boast a display that will go to take up the entire screen of the four side and or the face of the device, while the company has also filed a number of patents that actually proves it actively looking into some very deep and drastic changes to do in the upcoming device.

While as the last device iPhone 7 got two of the very dramatic change in itself like the removal of the headphone jack and also the home button which got changed from pressure pushed to impression one, the device got an impressive reviews and response on the release and that is quite exceptional while the Apple is still getting very tough competition from the Google New launched Pixel which is one of the greatest smartphones to be compared to the Apple ever.

iphone-8-2The new feature which is being rumored very much is going to come with a whole lot of changes as Apple has used the Bezel above the display to house an ambient light sensor, which is a proximity sensor, while the front speaker and the front-facing selfie camera and if they are thinking to remove it completely they have to embed the features beneath the glass and that not very impressive to sound or look.

The Apple In US patent no. 9,466,653 – titled “Electronic Devices With Display-Integrated Light Sensors” which explains a technology that could allow Apple to incorporate the light sensor into the screen without affecting the functionality of the touchscreen display or the sensor.

This will go to bring quite change as the additional space which is being given or provided at the top or at the bottom or even the sides of the device area to accommodate with the light sensor.

If this happens this will go to bring an undesirable increase in the size and weight of the device and is the care is taken then it may get more bulky and heavy surrounded by over largely borders. While there are still so many thins to get discussed the rumors and changes which will go to take place in the device.

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