‘Arrow’ Season 5: Latest Updates In Next Upcoming Series, Latest Trailers & First Episode Details

The Flash season 3

Arrow just finished with its 97th episode and Stephen Amell  shared an interesting thing with the fans that he is in triple Oliver roles in Arrow.It’s like a challenge to Flash actor Tom Cavanagh for many distinct versions of the same character he can play.

Amell tweeted on twitter that he usually plays two version but for this, he is playing three version of Oliver.The recent statement made by Oliver suggest we may see either a completely different version of Oliver in Flashpoint or a future version of Oliver. ‘Island Oliver and modern day ‘Team Arrow’ Oliver are different people and some reasons in episode 97 created space for the third time period in Oliver’s life. The other possibility which is less likely but sexier is that he is talking about ‘Oliver Queen ‘ and ‘Green Arrow’ two versions and the third one is to take any other costume identity for being the demand of that episode.

The Flash season 3

But since producers are expecting the impact of  Flash Point on Arrow,there is yet another possibility  that in  either of previously mentioned pairs third could be the Flashpoint Green Arrow.Some information about 97th episode is revealed,Its fifth episode of the fifth season and the title of this episode will be ‘Human Target’ that will see him pulling triple duty.

In comics ,Flash created a dark ,alternate timeline, in event series Flashpoint, after travelling to the past to prevent his mother’s murder.The Flash need to regain his power to repair the broken time to keep away from war-torn Flashpoint universe from substituting the DC Universe proper.We are going to see his past self from the flashbacks and his current identity as Green Arrow and Mayor all in one episode,the never before seen version.Until now Flashpoint arc was  expected to end early in The Flash  season 3, but the effects of Flashpoint rippling throughout the arrow verse is seen.

The Flash season 3 new leaksQueen industries was a high-tech military contracting company that used to steal gadgets from super villains.Thomas Wayne ‘s son was gunned down in front of him in Crime Alley,wife ground under the strain and he became the joker.

In Flashpoint comic, Oliver was head of this Queen Industries.He  was also the leader of a group of ex-military Green Arrows.When he finds his team has been killed, he looked for and followed  the culprit.Later he learned that it’s his daughter from his past relationship with Vixen.Shortly after his reserve team killed his daughter.Which third version Oliver is going to play,is a question. Flashpoint Green Arrow seems like a longshot.

The Flash is going to be finished with the Flashpoint timeline by this point in Arrow’s season but since the impact of Flashpoint on Arrow is confirmed by the producers so it’s a possibility.

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