Artificial skin capable to grow hair and sweat glands

Japanese researchers under the leadership of Takashi Tsuji of the RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology have developed artificial skin with sweat glands which is capable of growing hair.

The study report has been published in Science Advances on April 04, 2016, and it has created a wave of positive air among people who wish to fight baldness.

As of now, the skin implants are tested in mice, and the results were highly encouraging. The implanted skin got connected well with nerve fibers in the body, and hair was sprouted soon. This clearly indicates that the artificially developed skin is capable to function as normal skin.

Cells from the gums of the mouse were used to establish the artificial skin. The researchers transformed it into iPS cells which are quite similar to stem cells.

After the implant, the artificial skin behaved in a reasonable manner just like the natural ones and made good connections with the tissues.

This new finding will not only benefit bald people, but it will also help individuals who have suffered from burns and other skin diseases.

Takashi Tsuji told that as of now, the problem researchers faced during artificial skin making were the absence of hair follicles.

He added that the new surface is capable of replicating the nature of healthy tissue. Takashi believes that this will be the first success stone in their journey to create artificial organs. A few more years will be required to use this technology in humans.

Earlier, lab-grown skin was employed in humans, but it was limited to only one or two layers of the tissue. In these skins, hair follicles and sweat glands were missing which combated them from playing an important role in regulation.

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